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7 Giant Yard Games You Can DIY

You'll be like an ant with a Cheetoh if you make these oversized yard games! Get ready for a summer of fun with these DIY yard game projects.

Giant lawn dice in backyard iStock

Bring BIG fun to your backyard with these giant versions of the games you know and love. Read on to see how you can DIY these in just a few hours.

DIY Giant Yard Games

Jumbo Jenga

The rules are minimal, but the suspense and excitement are maximum fun! These jumbo Jenga blocks are perfect for a summer night in the neighborhood.

For the full tutorial, visit Lemon Thistle.


Having this four-in-a-row is a great go-to for casual entertainment at a party. Plus, it all begins as a great family project with some carpentry for the adults and painting for the kids.

For the full tutorial, visit The Home Depot Blog.

Lawn scrabble

Grab a few close friends and enjoy the outdoors with some snacks and a game of Scrabble. You won't lose these tiles in the grass!

For the full tutorial, visit From the Carriage House.

DIY dice

Having a few sets of dice for a game of outdoor Yahtzee also means you can solve problems for the most indecisive of party guests: Two chocolate chip cookies or three? Roll the dice for an answer!

For the full tutorial, visit Crate & Babble.

Backyard dominoes

Overhead view of giant dominoes in backyard iStock

Have some friends over for a serious summer competition!

For the full tutorial, visit Lemon Thistle.

Speed Scrabble

Get ready to move the alphabet and your feet for a game of outdoor Speed Scrabble. Time is of the essence as you plop these 100-letter tiles down (in some real-world arrangements) as fast as you can.

For the full tutorial (and game rules!), visit Lemon Thistle.

Oversized checkers

It’s way more exciting to make a double jump in checkers with this oversized board! This "board"is made with decking tiles!

For the full tutorial, visit SheKnows.