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The 5 Best Fire Pit Tables (2022 Review)

Combining the practicality of a table with the magic of a fire, a fire pit table makes for a perfect backyard addition. Find the best one with our top recommendations.

S21 E8, Kevin O’Connor and Tom Silva install a little free library

How to Install a Little Free Library

Host Kevin O’Connor and general contractor Tom Silva install Brookside Elementary School’s new library, with the help of several of the school children.

The 5 Best Chicken Coops (2022 Review)

Chicken coops provide a safe, comfortable place for your chickens to live. In this review, the This Old House Reviews Team researched the five best chicken coops on Amazon to help you find the product that’s right for you and your home. The products included in this article are available at various home improvement stores, local home centers, and online retailers like Amazon.

37 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Outdoor Rooms

Set out a daybed, weather-resistant cushions, or one of our other finds, and in a short time you'll have the ultimate staycation escape.

Amazing Treehouses from Around the World

Living luxuriously among the leaves has never been so accessible. Check out these amazing treehouses from around the world.

All About Fire Pits

From lightweight metal bowls that set up anywhere to fixed masonry wells that are a gather-round feature on a patio or a patch of grass, fire pits extend the outdoor-living season in style. Here’s how to choose one for your own space.

39 Budget-Wise Ways to Create Outdoor Rooms

Transform an ordinary outdoor space into an open-air living room that adds value and comfort to your home year-round

Unbelievable Front Yard Renovations

See how these unbelievable front yard transformations reveal the power of paint, plantings, and facade face-lifts.

10 Best Tools for Fall Cleanup (2022)

Are you battling leaves and debris outdoors? Discover the 10 best tools to make your yard beautiful this autumn in our guide to fall cleanup.

6 Simple Ways to Get Your Yard and Home Ready for Fall

As the fall season begins, there are a few maintenance tasks to pay attention to around the house. Here are six ways to prepare your yard and home for the cooler season.

7 Steps to Creating a Backyard from Scratch

These 7 features will transform a plain stretch of lawn into a lush landscape you'll really use and enjoy

7 Adorable Chicken Coop Ideas

We've seen quite a few chicken coops in our day. These blogger projects stand the test of time as some of our favorite designs.

DIY Pool, Pond, and Fountain Ideas for Your Yard

Everything you need to know about installing and maintaining water features in your yard.

5 Weekend Projects to Get Your Yard Ready for Summer

Summertime is upon us, which means longer days and extended weekends, outdoor barbeques, s’mores around the bonfire, relaxing with friends and family on the patio—and, did we mention the best part? Finally being able to work on projects outside!

A Steeply Sloped Yard Becomes a Hillside Oasis

Terraced areas and added plantings that go with the flow in a welcoming family retreat

Backyard Remodel: Creating Outdoor Rooms for Entertaining

A homeowner turns a sloping backyard into a series of outdoor rooms designed with friends in mind

Creating a Backyard Built for Playing Games

Turn a ho-hum lawn into a hub of activity with a sport court for horseshoes, croquet, or bocce. This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook shows you how

How to Dig a Level Hole

Read on to learn how to make an level excavation that's fit for a footing, even on sloping ground.

DIY Backyard Projects for Summertime

Here are a handful of ways to create a more beautiful and relaxing outdoor space.

Group of friends playing the Shishkaball Game

How to Build a Shishkaball Ball-Drop Game

TOH's Team Saturday shows you how to entertain friends with a yard-size version of this ball-drop game, made from wire fencing and plant stakes.

Couples play a game of ladder golf

How to Build a Ladder Golf Game Set

Entertain your guests with this game of wood rungs that catch golf ball bolas.

The 5 Best Leaf Blowers (2022 Review)

Even if you don’t live in an area where fallen leaves are common, a blower can help you keep your yard free of other debris. In this review, the This Old House Reviews Team researched the five best leaf blowers on Amazon to help you find the product that’s right for you and your home.

A Green and Serene Water-Thrifty Landscape

Sculptural shrubs, verdant groundcovers, and dappled sunlight create the magic in this canyon-hugging property in Los Angeles.

Before and After: Creating A Private and Inviting Front Yard

A revamped facade and lush border plantings deliver street-side charm.

How to Make a Rolling Grill Cart

This wheeled cooking companion will stand ready to assist the master of the backyard barbecue. Read on to see the steps for building a rolling grill cart.

Butterfly bush in front yard

How to Plant Edible Foundation Plants

A homeowner selects foundation plantings that include edible varieties for both people and wildlife.

A Seabee Designs a Long-Distance Backyard Remodel

While deployed 7,500 miles from home, this reader designed his dream backyard on paper, then spent months building it.

11 Ways to Add Outdoor Seating

Create an everyday relaxation zone with these unique ways to add outdoor seating to your yard.

Soccer goal

How to Build a Soccer Goal

Learn how to make your own backyard soccer goal with these easy instructions for parents and kids.

Building a water rocket game outside

How to Build a Water Rocket

Blast into space using PVC piping in this easy DIY project that adults and kids can complete together.

A Murphy bar on the side of a house

How to Build a Fold-Down Murphy Bar

Use cedar lumber and a doweling jig to create an outdoor piece that can handle its share of liquor.

7 Giant Yard Games You Can DIY

You'll be like an ant with a Cheetoh if you make these oversized yard games! Get ready for a summer of fun with these DIY yard game projects.