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Types of Landscaping Rocks and How to Use Them

Learning the best ways to use these popular landscaping rocks will lend both style and utility to your yard or garden. And with plenty of options for different types of spaces, most DIY gardeners and landscapers will be able to find something to turn their yard into an elegant escape. But knowing which stones to use for a project can be critical, and this guide aims to help.

How Much Does Mulch Cost?

Are you planning on refreshing your flowerbeds with a new layer of mulch? Or have you added a new raised bed full of veggies that need some moisture retention? Read on to discover everything from figuring out the volume and how much you can expect to pay to calculating how much mulch you’ll need.

Planning for a Pergola: What to Know Before You Install One

This versatile open-air structure can define an outdoor room, provide light shade, and add privacy while enhancing the look of your home. Here’s what to consider when adding one

How to Make Your Fence Wildlife-Friendly

There are plenty of options to protect your family and property in ways that won’t harm innocent animals. Keep reading to learn how to create fencing that is friendly to wildlife.

How to Design a High Traffic Landscape

Landscape contractor Jenn Nawada works with a homeowner who lives on a corner lot to create an attractive, durable landscape that can withstand heavy pedestrian traffic.

18 Low-Maintenance Ground Covers for Any Type of Yard

Landscaping expert Jenn Nawada explains how ground cover plants are a creative alternative to rocks and mulch, and then tells us about some of her favorite varieties.

7 Backyard Tiki Bar Ideas

Looking for more ways to entertain outdoors? Read these ideas for creating a backyard tiki bar to enjoy during warmer months.

How to Plan for Spring Bulbs

Ask This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook and landscape designer Jenn Nawada share some tips for planting spring bulbs

How to Grow Grasses on the Prairie

Ask This Old House landscape designer Jenn Nawada partners with an ecologist in Cheyenne, Wyoming to learn about different types of prairie grasses and how to care for them

How to Create a Desert Landscape

Ask This Old House landscape designer Jenn Nawada heads to Phoenix to recreate the desert in a homeowner’s front yard

Cordless Lawn Mowers That Won’t Quit

We’re living in the golden age of cordless lawn mowers. Not long ago, these quiet, smokeless cutters had anemic batteries that made you wish you were mowing with gas.

CHECKLIST | Get Your House Ready for Spring

Put these items on your fix-it list to transition from winter to spring

17 Stunning Decks to Inspire Your Backyard Transformation

Think outside the standard wood platform with smart design ideas for a range of settings and budgets

Leaf Blower Reviews and Ratings

Looking for the best leaf blower? Gas, electric, backpack, or cordless? The pros at TOH offer their top leaf blower reviews to help you decide which is the best for you.

How to Choose and Use Lawn Sprinklers

Watering smartly with This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook.

All About Sprinklers

Maintaining a lush lawn, delicious produce, or bright, colorful flowers doesn’t have to be complicated (or even expensive!). We explain everything you need to know about sprinklers, including how they work, the different types, how to choose one, and how often you should be using these handy gadgets in your yard or garden beds.

3 Simple Ways to Attract Birds to a Birdhouse

To encourage nesters to turn your birdhouse into a home, site it right, place it high, and keep it clean

No-Grass Yard Ideas

Smart ways to give yourself—and the environment—a break from big, demanding lawns.

Don't Just Jump into a Water Feature

Fountains, ponds, even faux streams are great additions. Just consider resource maintenance before you build.

Outdoor Kitchen Components

Just in time for the weekend, a gallery of all-weather luxuries guaranteed to turn any outdoor kitchen into hangout central. Plus, our exclusive TOH cocktail, the Rhum Repair.

How to Choose and Use a Leaf Blower

It may come as a surprise to the sound-sensitive neighbors, but most people buy blowers too small for their needs

Spring Flood Watch

Learn how to keep your basement dry and your yard puddle-free