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Build a Castle

Illustration by Carl Wiens

Sand castles aren't just for the beach. With your new slice of the shoreline right in your own backyard, you can build a sandy stronghold any time. Just study these basic parts, and you'll be able to make a perfect, custom-designed medieval fortress.


Illustration by Carl Wiens

Use shoe boxes or plastic food savers to build up the square walls of this outer defense.


Put your carving skills to work forming the many sides and angles that make this defensive point so strong.


Illustration by Carl Wiens

Empty cans and a funnel will make these strong, rounded wall connectors.


Illustration by Carl Wiems

These jagged wall toppers protect against attack; you can carve them out with a shovel or mold them with half of an ice-cube tray.


Illustration by Carl Wiems

This ultrafortified part of the castle is easy to mold from a milk carton with the top cut off.


Illustration by Carl Wiems

Make this gridlike gate out of Popsicle sticks or straws.