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Window install
S20 E23, Jenn Nawada plants a window box

How to Build Window Flower Boxes

In this DIY Smarts project, This Old House carpenter Nathan Gilbert and landscape contractor Jenn Nawada build and plant custom window boxes for a colorful touch of curb appeal.

S17 E2, Tom Silva fixes a broken windowpane

How to Replace a Broken Windowpane

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva replaces a broken pane in a basement window

The Window Woman: Giving Old Windows New Life

In an expansive workshop on the North Shore of Massachusetts, Alison Hardy—a.k.a. the Window Woman of New England—and her small team of skilled workers are meticulously restoring dozens of weathered, century-old sashes.

How Much Does Window Replacement Cost? (2022)

In this guide, we’ll take a look at some average price ranges for different types of windows and framing materials to help you plan your window replacement.

3 Day Blinds Review (2022)

When you’re shopping for new window treatments like blinds or shutters, choose a company with great products and customer service. In this 3 Day Blinds review, we examine what the company has to offer to help you determine if its products are right for you.

Renewal by Andersen Review (2022)

In this Renewal by Andersen review, we examine the company’s services, cost, reputation, and more.

S20 E19, Ross Trethewey and Nathan Gilbert discuss sealing windows with Kevin O’Connor

The Most Practical Air Sealing Techniques

Home technology expert Ross Trethewey and carpenter Nathan Gilbert share some cost-effective ways to seal and insulate existing windows without replacing them.


How to Replace a Picture Window

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows how to remove a broken window and replace it.

S12 E6, Tom Silva replaces Kevin O’Connor’s skylight

How to Replace a Skylight

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva installs a new skylight into an existing roof opening

How to Prevent Condensation on Windows

Window condensation is an ideal breeding ground for mold and mildew. Read this guide to prevent these potentially harmful species from entering your home.

5 Easy Ways to Remove Scratches from a Glass Window

Dealing with scratches on your glass windows? We’ve rounded up 5 methods for removing scratches from glass quickly and easily. Read this guide to learn more.

S41 Pro2Pro video, Adam Spinks of Sweenor Builders demonstrates exterior window trim technique

How to Assemble Exterior Window Trim

Sweenor Builders developed a process for trimming out windows that yields tight joints sure to withstand harsh climates

All About Storm Windows

Preserve nice, wood windows—or just save on the cost of replacement—while boosting energy efficiency and reducing noise transmission with the newest generation of storm windows.

Best Window Air Conditioners of 2022

Window air conditioners keep your home at a cool temperature during the summer months. To learn more about your air conditioning options, read our review below on the best window air conditioners. The products included in this article are available at various home improvement stores, local home centers, and online retailers like Amazon.


Bringing the Outside In with Marvin’s Skycove

This Old House carpenter Nathan Gilbert explains a few features of Marvin’s Skycove window.


How to Trim an Interior Window

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva helps a homeowner trim a window to match the rest of the house

How to Drill Through Glass

Learn how to safely drill a hole in glass without chipping, cracking, or shattering it to pieces.

The Surprising Benefits of Skylights

Skylights are designed to bring more natural light into the home, and they can dramatically up the wow factor in any room. But beyond the aesthetic benefits, skylights offer real health benefits, too.  


How to Replace a Leaking Skylight

Installing a new skylight into an existing opening with This Old House general contractor Tom Silva.

Planning Window Placement

We share what to do (and not to do) when deciding where to place windows on your house.

Window Design with Elegance and Efficiency

When it came to restoring our 1890 Shingle-style Cape Ann home to its former glory, both the designer and architect at SV Design knew that the windows were critical to the home’s architecture. Working with the homeowner’s vision to create a lighter and brighter space, they chose Marvin to bring the view of the outside in with new windows and doors, as well as retain the integrity of the home’s design, and provide the efficiency and technology to make the home comfortable.

What You Need to Etch Glass Easily

DIY glass etching is a great way to personal touch to your home. Here are the materials and tools you’ll need for your project.


S19 E5: All About Windows

In this special episode of Ask This Old House, Tom Silva and Kevin O’Connor explain everything you need to know about using, installing, maintaining and repairing a window.

How to Install Blinds

Blinds are a great way to add privacy to your home. Read this step-by-step guide to learn the best ways to install various types of blinds on your home’s windows.

How to Seal Old Windows

Don’t replace those drafty old windows, here’s how to weatherstrip your double hung windows instead.

5 Types of Weather Stripping Material

A guide to help you select of the best material to use for weather stripping your doors or windows.

All About Window Tinting

Window tinting is a sub-section of a broader category of window upgrades more accurately called "window film". While some tint, others offer no tint or privacy but do increase impact resistance. Read on to learn if adding tint to your home’s windows is worth it, as well as the methods for installation, types of tint available, and more.

How to Open a Painted Shut Window

In this how-to video, free a stuck window with This Old House general contractor Tom Silva.

How to Board Up Windows for Hurricane

How to install plywood panels to keep flying debris at bay.

Dormer Window Ideas

Dormer windows add light and living space to a roof’s slope. See our pictures that show a variety of style and design ideas.

View of palm trees blowing in the wind outside the window.

How to Choose Hurricane Window Covers

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows a homeowner several ways to protect windows during a storm.

Velux Sun Tunnel Skylights

Learn how to "live lighter" with this cost-effective, energy-efficient, and simple-to-install skylight option from VELUX.