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Window install

How to Open a Painted Shut Window

In this how-to video, free a stuck window with This Old House general contractor Tom Silva.

Dormer Window Ideas

Dormer windows add light and living space to a roof’s slope. See our pictures that show a variety of style and design ideas.

View of palm trees blowing in the wind outside the window.

How to Choose Hurricane Window Covers

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows a homeowner several ways to protect windows during a storm.

Velux Sun Tunnel Skylights

Learn how to "live lighter" with this cost-effective, energy-efficient, and simple-to-install skylight option from VELUX.


Waterproof Window Installation

In this how-to video, learn the correct way to install a waterproof window with This Old House general contractor Tom Silva.

How to Replace a Window

Ready-to-install replacement units give you high performance and good looks with a minimum of fuss

How to Clean Windows Like a Pro

Looking for the best window washing solutions? Follow our DIY window cleaning tips.


How To Install a Window Sash Replacement Kit

Tom Silva teaches three apprentices from our Generation NEXT program how to install a window sash replacement kit.

How to Install an Egress Window

Although basement and attic conversions differ in many ways, they share a common and critical component: the egress window. Read on to learn the things to consider before installing an egress window in your lower level or basement.


Window and Door Installation Master Class | Pro2Pro LIVE

Watch Kevin O’Connor and Building Science expert Christine Williamson discuss the key strategies to an air-tight installation that manages water.


How to Properly Install a Window | Pro2Pro

Watch Tom Silva teach two apprentices how to correctly hang a flanged window.

All About Windows

Learn about the types of windows, repairs and installation techniques you should consider for your next window project.


How to Build a Custom Window Screen

Pro2Pro Editor, Chris Ermides, decided to upgrade the tattered window screens that came with his house by building new ones

Sneak Peek: Westerly Project Windows

To let the sun shine into this basement, the crew needed a really big saw


Ask Kevin: Window Anatomy

Ask This Old House host Kevin O'Connor explains the various parts of a standard double-hung window

New Life for Old Windows

How a smart alternative to window replacement saves energy, reduces noise, and preserves the architectural integrity of two TOH TV Project Houses.

The Great Escape: Egress Doors and Window Wells

If your basement includes habitable space, it is required to have a means of egress for safe escape. Here’s how we chose the right doors and window wells for the luxuriously outfitted basement at the TOH 2018 Idea House.


How Safety Glass Can Protect You

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva demonstrates how safety glass breaks differently than traditional plate glass.


Replacement Windows Done Right

Tom Silva shows the TOH apprentices how to properly install new double-hung windows at the Newton Project House, with Marvin’s Tilt Pac Sash Replacement System


How to Trim a Window with Pressure-Treated Pine

General Contractor Jeff Sweenor explains how to use pre-primed, pressure-treated pine for exterior window trim and door casings

Mind the Window Gaps

If you can feel a breeze around your closed windows, consider these quick-and-easy ways to block drafts. Such stopgap measures eliminate air leaks by sealing sash perimeters from indoors. Come spring, add or replace weatherstripping for a longer-lasting fix

Person using a gap filler to seal drafty windows.

How to Straighten a Window

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shims a window that has fallen out of parallel due to improper installation

Make That Glass Sparkle

Windows bring in light, open up horizons, and provide a link to the outside world. These window cleaning tips will make them—and your house—shine

Treated to the Core: The Technology Behind Worry-Free Windows and Doors

Because windows and doors are constantly exposed to various weather conditions and moisture, wood rot can be an issue for homeowners everywhere. Here’s how an innovative treatment process produces virtually worry-free windows and doors.

How to Choose Windows That “WOW”

New or replacements? Double-pane or casements? Here are a few styles and materials to consider to help you choose the right windows for your home.

All About Fiberglass Windows

Stronger than vinyl, more affordable than clad wood, they stand out for their strength, low upkeep, and good looks

Idea House 2017 | The Eyebrow Window

Go behind-the-scenes with Rhode Island Idea House builder Jeff Sweenor and his team

How to Repair a Window Muntin

When an errant sash lock mangles a wood window, here’s how to make the damage disappear

Photoshop Redo: Reinventing a Split-Level

Front-facing gables, a mix of siding, and Craftsman-style details make an unremarkable home into a standout


How to Quickly Prime and Paint Windows

Ask This Old House host Kevin O’Connor works with painter Mauro Henrique to demonstrate a masking primer that leaves clean lines on a window

Kevin’s Photo Album | Restoring the Windows

In Kevin O’Connor’s fifth Detroit photo album, we get an up-close view of the windows, leaded glass treasures with stained glass crests.


OUTLOOKS: an Architect’s Perspective on Windows

Windows are essential to the design (or redesign) of any home. In this video, an architect explains how proper siting and design decisions can affect window choice and placement