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Laundry Room with dark cabinets and marble countertops, and white washer/dryer

How to Build a Wood Hamper

Ditch the tacky plastic bin for a more grown-up laundry container

27 Ideas for a Fully Loaded Laundry Room

Efficient wash-and-dry centers designate a place for each step of the laundry process, from sorting to folding

From Walk-In Closet to Spa-Like Laundry Room

A luxurious wash-and-dry zone elevates chores while wringing maximum use out of a former closet space

Laundry Rooms With More

Not just a grungy basement space anymore, the cleanup center can be as handsome as any other room in the house—and even more useful

One-Room Redos

Six smart makeovers reveal the pains and payoffs of renovating a single space

Automatic Valve Shut-off for Washing Machines

The Intelliflow turns washing machine water-supply valves on and off, so you don't have to


How to Design a Laundry Room

This Old House plumbing and heating contractor Richard Trethewey discovers the features of a fully equipped, super-efficient laundry room

How to Maintain a Washer and Dryer

Some of the greatest potential for flood and fire comes from your washer and dryer. Here's how to cut the odds

How to Laminate a Countertop for a Laundry Room

In this how-to video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva builds a plastic laminate counter

A New Spin On The Laundry Room

Not just a grungy basement space anymore, a cleanup center can be as handsome as any other room in the house

How to Prevent Clogs from Washing Machine Debris

Follow these steps to keep your utility sink clog-free.