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From Walk-In Closet to Spa-Like Laundry Room

A luxurious wash-and-dry zone elevates chores while wringing maximum use out of a former closet space

Laundry With a View

Photo by Lisa Romerein

Doing laundry often involves a detour to a dark corner of the house. But what if the laundry area were an airy destination instead? During a gut renovation of their house in Redondo Beach, California, Diane Petersen and her husband, Aubrey Payne, accomplished just that, converting a guest-room closet into a haven for doing laundry and more. The now-sunny space, conceived by interior designer Sarah Barnard, has a whirlpool sink for delicates, a built-in ironing board, counter space for folding towels and arranging flowers, storage for holiday gear, and a rolling library ladder to reach high shelves. Barnard's layout allows the couple to work separately without getting under each other's feet or blocking their cats' path to a litter box hidden in a curtained cabinet. A wisteria-theme backsplash, hardwood flooring, and luminous quartzite stone countertops make the light-reflecting lavender-and-white room a go-to spot. "It's so pleasant to spend time there," says Diane—whether they're pairing socks, wrapping gifts, or "just stopping to gaze out our new window."

Shown: To-the-ceiling cabinets accessed by a rolling library ladder, quartzite counters, a drip bar, and a window trimmed with stone scraps make the room inviting and functional.

Ladder: Alaco Ladder Company

Before: Cluttered Closet

The main-floor space was a guest-room-closet-cum-overflow zone.

Key Details: Suped-Up Sink

Photo by Lisa Romerein

The spa-like sink has whirlpool jets to gently agitate delicates.

Acrylic sink: MTI Jentle Jet

Key Details: Curtains for Kitty

Photo by Lisa Romerein

A curtained cabinet hides the litter box for the couple's three cats. The door's panel was removed and a tension rod installed in the cabinet.

Key Details: Agile Accessibility

Photo by Lisa Romerein

The library ladder, painted to play off the backsplash, moves around two walls and is angled to allow access to counters and appliances.

Washer and dryer: Maytag

Key Details: Hidden Convenience

Photo by Lisa Romerein

A fold-down ironing board pops out of its own wired cupboard.

Similar ironing center: Broan

Key Details: Splash of Color

Photo by Lisa Romerein

A glass-tile backsplash gives the room a unique, finished look.

Tile design: Sarah Barnard

Before: Wasted Space

Illustration by Ian Worpole

The 96-square-foot guest closet held wardrobe overflow and clutter.

After: Fresh Functionality

Illustration by Ian Worpole

As part of a whole-house redo, most of the former closet was turned into a laundry room, with a doorway that now opens into the hall and a new window over the sink to bring in light.

1. Topped the washer and dryer with a 12-foot counter for sorting laundry—and holiday gear.

2. Added gift-wrap storage away from the laundry area.

3. Put in a drip bar and sink for washing and drying delicates.

4. Added a window over the sink to bring in light.