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The 5 Best Dishwashers on Amazon (2022)

Dishwashers are useful household appliances that help you save time by cleaning your dirty plates, bowls, and silverware. In this review, the This Old House Reviews team highlights the best dishwashers available on Amazon.

dishwasher on kitchen counter Amazon

Owning a dishwasher that leaves dishes sparkling after the first cycle not only saves you time but increases your home’s energy efficiency by utilizing less water. Although Amazon isn’t necessarily known for its appliances, the company is home to many countertop, portable, and built-in dishwashers.

That’s why the This Old House Reviews team did the research for you, scouring Amazon for the best dishwashers to provide you with a comprehensive selection that fits a variety of your cleaning needs.

Featured Products

EdgeStar 18-Inch Built-In Dishwasher

The EdgeStar 18-Inch Built-In Dishwasher is our top recommendation. The compact model offers six washing cycles to accommodate a variety of loads, and even contains a leakage sensor to protect your home from water damage. The dishwasher runs at a quiet 52-decibel operation to keep noise at a minimum and is a great option for those with limited space who are looking for a built-in dishwasher.

Farberware Compact Portable Countertop Dishwasher

The Farberware Compact Portable Countertop Dishwasher is our top pick for a countertop dishwasher. The affordable model comes in a convenient, compact design that’s able to hold up to six place settings. The dishwasher has seven washing programs and an extra drying function to ensure a quality clean. This dishwasher is a good option for apartments, dorms, boats, and campers.

Our Process

Amazon offers thousands of dishwashers to homeowners looking to simplify their lives through automated dish cleaning. While Amazon offers an array of dishwashers, the technological complexity and large size of the product make efficient dishwashers difficult to find on the e-commerce site.

That’s why we’ve done the research for you, pouring over countless products and their reviews to find the five best dishwashers available on Amazon. Compare our top recommendations above or read on to learn more.

Note: We limited our top selections to dishwasher brands on Amazon, which caused the majority of our recommendations to fall under the countertop dishwasher category. Our top countertop dishwashers are small, however, they don’t lose a quality clean because of their size.

Buying Guide

Dishwashers are a smart investment, particularly for those with large families that dirty dishes every day. Today, dishwashers produce a cleaner dish using less water than traditional hand washing. Additionally, the majority of the dishwashers on the market contain recyclable metal or plastic parts so that when you’re ready to upgrade, you can dispose of your old model in an environmentally friendly manner.

How a Dishwasher Works

To appreciate the convenience of a dishwasher, it’s important to understand how it operates. The basic parts of a dishwasher include:

  • Heating element
  • Electric pump
  • Detergent dispenser
  • Rack


At the start of a cycle, cold water enters the machine through an inlet that’s heated by an element at the bottom of the dishwasher. Some dishwashers are connected directly to the hot water line, which doesn’t require additional heating. Typically, water temperature within a dishwasher ranges between 120° F and 150° F.

To begin cleaning, the metal spray arm located at the bottom of the machine begins soaking the dishes. The movement of the rushing water causes the arm to spin around and cover the loaded dishes. Some dishwashers have a top rack, which is also fitted with a plastic spray arm.

As the cycle continues, detergent is released and mixed with the released water. Once the cleaning cycle is complete, many dishwashers offer a drying function, which allows you to put up the dishes without having to hand-dry.

Things to Consider When Buying a Dishwasher


Capacity is an important factor to consider when purchasing a dishwasher. The more plates, cups, and bowls you can load in your dishwasher, the less electricity and water you’ll need to run it.


Size is related to capacity, though you should consider the fit of your dishwasher before purchase. If you’re looking to place the unit between your countertop and cabinet or next to your sink, take the time to measure the dimensions.


Many dishwashers allow you to customize the cleaning cycle. Check customer reviews and product specifications to understand how the machine performs at various settings.


If you want to avoid the effort of drying your dishes, look for a model with specific drying features. You’ll need to balance this added benefit with the increased cost of dishwashers that include this additional functionality.


If you’ve ever tried to watch television or hold a conversation with a loud dishwasher running in the background, you know how important a quiet appliance can be. Manufacturers typically provide a noise reading for every machine. The industry standard is around 55 decibels, but you can get an understanding of a dishwasher’s noise-level by reading customer feedback.


The majority of dishwashers contain plastic or metal racking. While both are effective, metal racking doesn’t discolor with age like plastic.


There are two types of dishwasher filters: self-cleaning and manual. Self-cleaning filters grind food particles automatically, but increase the amount of noise during each cycle. Manual filters reduce sound, but require cleaning by hand.

Additional features

Other useful features include timed delays and error alerts. Keep in mind that the price of your appliance is affected by the amount of additional features it offers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dishwashers

How can I clean my dishwasher?

To maintain a clean dishwasher, clean the drain underneath the rack regularly. Additionally, clean the machine with white vinegar every month to help minimize grease buildup.

What’s the difference between a portable and countertop dishwasher?

While both portable and countertop dishwashers connect temporarily to your sink faucet, there are some differences between the two. Countertop dishwashers sit on top of your countertop while portable dishwashers are on rollers, allowing them to be stored in a closet or under a counter.

Additionally, countertop dishwashers can only wash a few place settings at a time, while portable dishwashers can have similar capacities to their built-in counterparts.

How can I use my dishwasher more efficiently?

The first step you can take is to run the dishwasher on a full load. This will reduce the overall amount of water your dishwasher uses. However, avoid overloading the machine as this will cause dishes to clean improperly.

How do countertop dishwashers work?

Countertop dishwashers use a hose that temporarily attaches to your kitchen faucet. If you don’t have a faucet with a threaded spout, you may not be able to use this type of dishwasher. Contact your sink’s manufacturer before purchasing a countertop dishwasher.

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