If you own a Bosch dishwasher, or are considering buying one in the near future, you should understand the terms and conditions of your Bosch dishwasher warranty and learn what your coverage options are after the warranty expires.

In this article, the This Old House Reviews Team goes in-depth with Bosch dishwasher coverage, pricing, claims processes, and makes a recommendation for extended warranty coverage. Ultimately, we recommend a home warranty for ultimate dishwasher protection. See our top picks for home warranty companies below.


Bosch Dishwasher Warranty Overview

Founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch, Bosch has grown to offer customers a variety of products, including home appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators. With the purchase of a Bosch dishwasher, you’ll get a limited warranty that lasts up to five years. After that, you have the option of purchasing Bosch’s Appliance Service Plan for continued coverage at a price of about $100 per year.


Bosch Dishwasher Warranty Plans and Coverage

Bosch’s manufacturer warranty for built-in dishwashers includes limited coverage for the following components and their warranty periods:

PartCoverageCoverage Length
Entire ApplianceParts and LaborYear 1
Microprocessor/Printed Circuit BoardPartsYears 2–5
Racks (Rack Components Not Included)PartsYears 2–5
Rust-Through on Inner Tub LinerPartsLifetime

Bosch Appliance Service Plan

The Bosch Appliance Service Plan is Bosch’s only extended warranty option that provides coverage for your appliance after the limited warranty expires. The plan covers the cost of parts and labor due to mechanical and electrical breakdowns and is generic for all Bosch appliances. Here are its benefits that apply to the dishwasher specifically:

  • Bosch technicians are available in major metropolitan areas.
  • Authorized servicer technicians are located throughout the country for areas that don’t have Bosch technicians.
  • You can choose a one-, two-, or four-year plan that begins after the expiration of the factory warranty.
  • You can cancel your plan within the first 30 days for a full refund.
  • You can use the FlexPay installment plan to split payments into monthly increments.

To learn more about this extended warranty, read the sample contract on Bosch’s website.

Coverage Exclusions

It can be difficult to know what is and isn’t covered under the extended warranty because the sample contract and website only give a general statement that says the warranty is used “to cover the cost of parts and labor should an unexpected operational or mechanical breakdown occur.”

This implies all breakdowns will be covered, but there are some customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) that suggest this isn’t always the case.


Bosch Dishwasher Warranty Pricing

The Bosch website doesn’t include a price for the extended warranty plan because the cost depends on the appliance type and model you wish to cover. According to an over-the-phone quote, the This Old House Reviews Team received a $100 estimate for one year of coverage for a Bosch dishwasher.

Though this is cheaper than other home warranty premiums that range between $300–$600 per year, this price only covers your Bosch dishwasher and no other items in the home.

Service fees

If you purchased an extended warranty before your factory warranty expires, there’s no deductible. If you purchased the plan after your factory warranty expired, you’ll have to pay a $75 service fee every time a technician comes out to service your dishwasher. In the home warranty industry, the average service fee ranges between $75–$125, so the Bosch service fee is on the lower end of the scale.


How to File a Bosch Dishwasher Warranty Claim

If you want to file a dishwasher claim with Bosch, you can call 800-377-3936.

If you live in one of Bosch’s covered metropolitan areas, you can book a service appointment online with a Bosch factory service technician or an authorized Bosch service partner. Bosch service providers are well trained to repair company products and provide a satisfactory customer experience.


Bosch Dishwasher Warranty Reviews

Here are a few Bosch dishwasher warranty reviews from Trustpilot users:

I had a fault on a dishwasher and Bosch was great…traced my agreement (it was a present), found it was in warranty, sent an engineer within 3 days, and he was great…repaired the machine efficiently, was friendly and helpful, and explained things clearly. I love the table top dishwasher and the after-sale service.” — Paul Smith on February 20, 2018

Bosch engineer came by today and was a pleasant guy who helped us get our dishwasher fixed. Wonderful!” — Savannah Smith on March 5, 2020


Our Conclusion

In sum, a Bosch dishwasher warranty may be a good option if you own a Bosch dishwasher and only want protection for that appliance. Bosch extended warranty plans have technicians that are specifically certified to work on Bosch products in metropolitan areas and the plan is cheaper than other home warranty plans.

However, Bosch has limited customer service and isn’t open 24/7 like American Home Shield. If you need to submit a claim, the customer service team is only available Monday through Friday from 7 am to 8 pm, and 8 am to 5 pm on Saturdays.

Additionally, since a Bosch dishwasher warranty covers only your Bosch dishwasher, it may not be the best option for people who are looking for more comprehensive coverage. Because of this, a home warranty may be a better option.

Home warranty plans protect major home systems and appliances, like your dishwasher, whey they fail due to normal wear and tear. Purchasing a home warranty can cover your Bosch dishwasher while also providing coverage for other important home items, saving you money and the need to purchase individual warranties.


Best Home Warranty Companies

We recommend American Home Shield for full coverage on your home systems and appliances.

Superlative Monthly Cost Service Fee BBB Rating Link
Liberty Home Guard Best Customer Ratings $49–$60 $65–$125 A+
American Home Shield Best for Comprehensive Coverage $64–$74 $100–$125 B
Select Home Warranty Best Value $44–$48 $60–$75 B-
AFC Home Club Best for Customization $48–$55 $75–$125 B
First American Home Warranty Best Appliance Coverage $60–$76 $75–$125 B
Cinch Home Services Best Additional Perks $47–$64 $100–$150 B
2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Cheapest Appliances Plan $22–$74 $65–$100 B+
Liberty Home Guard
Logo Liberty Home Guard
Superlative Best Customer Ratings
Monthly Cost $49–$60
Service Fee $65–$125
BBB Rating A+
American Home Shield
Logo American Home Shield
Superlative Best for Comprehensive Coverage
Monthly Cost $64–$74
Service Fee $100–$125
BBB Rating B
Select Home Warranty
Logo Select Home Warranty
Superlative Best Value
Monthly Cost $44–$48
Service Fee $60–$75
BBB Rating B-
AFC Home Club
Logo AFC Home Club
Superlative Best for Customization
Monthly Cost $48–$55
Service Fee $75–$125
BBB Rating B
First American Home Warranty
Logo First American Home Warranty
Superlative Best Appliance Coverage
Monthly Cost $60–$76
Service Fee $75–$125
BBB Rating B
Cinch Home Services
Logo Cinch Home Services
Superlative Best Additional Perks
Monthly Cost $47–$64
Service Fee $100–$150
BBB Rating B
2-10 Home Buyers Warranty
Logo 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty
Superlative Cheapest Appliances Plan
Monthly Cost $22–$74
Service Fee $65–$100
BBB Rating B+

While we recommend all of the companies listed above, American Home Shield is a great home warranty option for its comprehensive coverage of important home items. It has three plans: ShieldPlatinum, ShieldGold, and ShieldSilver.

The ShieldPlatinum plan is the most comprehensive plan and covers 23 essential systems and appliances. The ShieldGold plan also covers 23 systems and appliances, but it has a lower appliance coverage limit than the ShieldPlatinum plan. It also doesn’t include coverage for a free HVAC tune-up, which is included with the ShieldPlatinum Plan. The ShieldSilver plan covers 14 home systems, such as your electrical, heating, and air conditioning.

Each plan comes with a customizable service call fee; customers can choose from $75, $100, and $125. Your monthly rate will be lower if you choose a higher service call fee.

Get a free quote from American Home Shield today by calling 844-529-9298 or filling out the simple online form.


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