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It can be hard to narrow down the most essential aspects of modern life, but if you had to, many people would list the washer and dryer as one of the biggest time-saving conveniences. Imagine washing your clothes using an old-school washboard, all while waiting for each garment to dry individually before you could finally fold, hang, and put them away.

For this reason, it’s important to pick a washer and dryer you can depend on. In the last several years, washers and dryers have evolved to include smart features, variable temperature settings, expedited wash times, multiple configurations, and unique colorways among other factors. We at the This Old House Reviews Team have carefully selected the products below based on their high rating in our review standards.

Samsung Side-by-Side Washer & Dryer Set SAWADREW61001

Price: $1,898 | Gas or Electric: Both available | Capacity: 4.5 cu. ft. (washer); 7.5 cu. ft. (dryer) | Energy Star Qualified: ✔ | Stackable:

The Samsung Smart Front Load Washer & Dryer Set with Super Speed and Steam Sanitize+ is an affordably priced front-loading washer-and-dryer set available in three colors—white, champagne, and platinum. It’s also available in three configurations—side-by-side, side-by-side on pedestals, and stacked. The washer has an internal capacity of 4.5 cubic feet, which is large enough to wash a king-sized comforter or three loads of laundry.

One of the biggest benefits of Samsung’s smart technology is the ability to troubleshoot issues directly for your smartphone device with Smart Care. Smart Care interacts with your washer and dryer to accurately diagnose the issue and direct you towards solutions. It’s also ADA compliant, meaning that its maximum reach is less than 48 inches, allowing for easier operating for disabled people.

One of the biggest complaints about front-loading washers is that mold can build up around the door’s rubber gasket over time and thus they require more frequent cleaning. However, Samsung’s Self Clean+ eases concerns about odors and mold growth by sanitizing the gasket and sending users reminders to clean the tub.

To purchase this Samsung side-by-side washer-and-dryer set, shop AJ Madison online today.

LG WM4000HWA & DLEX4000W

Price: $1049 (each) | Gas or Electric: Both available | Capacity: 4.5 cu. ft. (washer); 7.4 cu. ft. (dryer) | Energy Star Qualified: ✔ | Stackable:

This washer-and-dryer combo from LG Electronics is protected by a 10-year-limited warranty and it features an extensive suite of energy-efficient and smart features. ThinQ, LG’s companion app, allows you to start the washer from anywhere you can access your smartphone, whether you’re elsewhere in your house or on the road.

The washer also uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to sense the fabric, soil level, and other needs of each load of laundry. TurboWash 360’s five powerful jets ensure a deep clean every time. The smart pairing between machines allows your washer to tell your dryer to select a compatible drying cycle for each load as well.

To take advantage of LG’s many smart features, shop the LG WM4000HWA & DLEX4000W at Home Depot today.

Electrolux EFLS627UTT & EFMG627UTT

Price: $1249 (washer); $1,349 (dryer) | Gas or Electric: Both available | Capacity: 4.4 cu. ft. (washer); 8 cu. ft. (dryer) | Energy Star Qualified: ✔ | Stackable:

Many older model washers and dryers don’t have the capacity to handle large textiles, so if you live in a large household with more than one adult-sized bed, you’ve probably had to trek to the laundromat once or twice to wash all the comforters.

The ElectroLux Front Load Perfect Steam™ Washer’s 4.4 cubic feet capacity and the Front Load Perfect Steam™ Dryer’s extra-large 8 cubic feet capacity make washing and drying comforters, dog beds, floor-length curtains, couch slipcovers, and more household fabrics a breeze.

This washer features a detergent dispenser designed specifically for pod-style detergents. You can also wash a load of laundry quickly with the 15-Minute Fast Wash setting. SmartBoost®, StainSoak™, and the sanitize option ensure a deep clean every time without extensive pre-treating demands.

To purchase this Electrolux washer-and-dryer combo, visit Home Depot’s online store.

GE Side-by-Side Washer & Dryer Set GEWADRERS8502

Price: $2,924 | Gas or Electric: Both available | Capacity: 5.0 cu. ft. (washer); 7.8 cu. ft. (dryer) | Energy Star Qualified: ✔ | Stackable:

This GE side-by-side washer-and-dryer set is Wi-Fi-enabled for notifications, remote control features, and smart home connectivity with Amazon Alexa. Its quick wash cycle allows you to complete a load in as little as 20 minutes, while a one-step wash-and-dry feature allows you to skip the dryer altogether, making it ideal for busy families with one foot out the door. It is available in two colorways: the unique royal sapphire and a more classic white.

This model is ADA-compliant and features Sanitize + Allergen, which eliminates common allergens such as pet dander and dust mites. To bring this GE Side-by-Side washer-and-dryer set to your laundry room, purchase it from AJ Madison today.

Maytag MVW7232HW & MED7230HW

Price: $1049 (each)  | Gas or Electric: Electric | Capacity: 5.3 cu. ft. (washer); 7.4 cu. ft. (dryer) | Energy Star Qualified: ✔ | Stackable:

While front-loaders are known for having superior washing power, many consumers favor top-loaders for their ease of cleaning. The Maytag Smart Top Load Washer is the only top-loader on this list because it offers the best of both worlds.

Maytag offers this design with either a traditional agitator or an impeller. High efficiency (HE), or impeller top load washing machines, clean better, hold more per load, and use less water, while maintaining their easy-to-clean appeal.

Comparably priced to the LG washer-and-dryer set featured on this list, this app-enabled Maytag washer-and-dryer set is available with gas and electric dryer fuel types and a 10-year limited warranty.

Skip the utility sink with Maytag’s built-in water faucet for quickly rinsing and pre-treating tough stains. For extra tough stains, the control panel features a Deep Fill option and an Extra Power button to optimize a dual-temperature washing cycle for maximum stain-fighting and more water when you need it.

To start using the Maytag washer-and-dryer set today, shop it at Home Depot.

5 Things To Look for When Shopping for a Washer-and-Dryer Combo

Before you shop for a washer-and-dryer set, it’s important to be informed about the most common features, how much you can expect to spend, how much space you’ll need for your household’s needs, and the different configurations available on the market.

Average Price Range

While the price range can vary depending on your must-have features, washing machines can cost as little as $250 and as much as $2,000. Dryers, on the other hand, range from as low as $200 to as much as $1,700. You may be eligible for deals and discounts when you purchase a washer and dryer together.

Types of Washers and Dryers

In the world of washers and dryers, there are a few different configurations. Washers can be separated into two categories: top-loaders and front-loaders. Front-loaders may also be stackable. Top-loader washing machines may have an agitator or an impeller to help with stains whereas front-loader washing machines rely on gravity to tumble the load.

You’ll have the choice between gas dryers or electric ones, but both will typically be front-loading.


A standard washer and dryer will typically fall between 3.1 and 4.0 cubic feet, which is enough space to wash up to 16 pounds of laundry. Larger models will start between 4.2 and 4.5 cubic feet, which will be better for larger families and households that plan to wash a lot of bedding. A larger volume washer and dryer will limit the number of loads of laundry you’ll have to do.

Additional Features

The primary feature of your washer is to wash your clothes and the primary feature of your dryer is to dry your clothes. You can benefit from additional features such as:

  • Stainless steel construction and/or internal components
  • Steam and sanitizer functions
  • Moisture sensors for custom dry time
  • Internal water heater
  • Multiple specialized wash cycles
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Stackable versus side-by-side
  • Internal light
  • Smart features such as remote control and troubleshooting
  • Soil sensor
  • Self-cleaning to eliminate odors

Energy Use

According to Energy Star, the average American household will do as many as 300 loads of laundry every year. In order to receive the Energy Star certification, washers must be 25% more efficient in energy use and 33% more efficient in water consumption.

Our Conclusion

All of the washer-and-dryer combinations featured in this list have been thoroughly vetted by the review team based on the manufacturer’s customer service, internal capacity, smart technology components, average star rating, and a number of other factors.

Based on these metrics, we recommend the Samsung Washer and Dryer set for its well-rounded features and large capacity, the GE Side-by-Side for people on the go due to its two-in-one wash cycle, and the Maytag Top Loader Washer and Dryer for people who prefer top-loading systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Rating Methodology

The This Old House Reviews Team is committed to providing heavily researched recommendations and insight into the categories we cover. We seek to earn and keep your trust by practicing ongoing transparency about the process of our reviews and the factors we take into account.

Our 100-point rating system for washers and dryers accounts for seven key factors. We scored the washers and dryers featured in this article in the following way:

  • Features (up to 35 total points): This category accounts for the most commonly sought-after washer and dryer features, such as steam capabilities, multiple configurations, moisture sensors, Energy Star certification, and more.
  • Finishes (up to 1 point): Products that came in more than one finish were rated higher than products with only one finish option.
  • Average customer rating (up to 15 points): Each product received a score from zero to 15 depending on its average customer rating. We rounded up decimal ratings to the nearest whole number.
  • Capacity (up to 10 points): Washer and dryers with a capacity of 4.4 cubic feet or more received more points than their smaller counterparts.
  • Smart technology (up to 5 points): If a product included app integration or W-Fi compatibility, it received five points.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty (up to 20 points): We researched each product’s manufacturer’s warranty and awarded each product 25 points if it came with any kind of warranty or guarantee.
  • Customer service (up to 14 points): We researched the customer service options available to homeowners after they’ve purchased their item. Each product received points if its manufacturer offered phone, chat/text, or access to replacement parts.

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