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Rheem Water Heater Warranty Review (2024)

Author Icon Written by Dana Getz Updated 04/19/2024

Rheem is the largest manufacturer of water heating products in North America. The company was founded in 1925 in Emeryville, CA, and has won awards for cutting-edge innovations and new product designs. The company stands by its cooling and water heating equipment with warranties that range from six years to a limited lifetime guarantee.

In this review, we analyze the fine print of a Rheem water heater warranty to help you understand coverage, pricing, and claims. We aim to educate you about what to expect with this type of warranty, so you can make an informed decision when it comes to protecting your home.

The Rheem line of cooling and water heater products is extensive, and different models come with varying levels of coverage. Here’s what you can expect from the manufacturer for its equipment classes which include, gas, electric, and tankless water heater units.

Rheem Water Heater Warranty Coverage

SeriesLength of WarrantyProtectionPlus Upgrade Extension Length
Classic6-year limited tank and parts10-year tank warranty
Classic Plus8-years limited tank and parts12-year tank warranty
Prestige12-year limited tank and partsN/A
Marathon6-year limited parts and lifetime tank warrantyN/A

To obtain the ProtectionPlus option for a Rheem water heater, you’ll have to contact a team of independent professionals to install an upgrade kit to your unit. Note: the internal enhancement components must be connected during the initial installation.

What Are the Coverage Specifics and Limitations?

To ensure your Rheem water heater warranty is activated after a new unit is installed, the company requires that the model be registered within 60 days of installation. This process can be easily completed by visiting the Rheem Product Registration webpage.

To register, you must submit your model number and serial number and answer questions to ensure the unit will be used residentially. You can locate any pertinent information you need by finding the label on your system that contains the model and serial number information. Typically this information is on the tank or the right-hand side panel of a Rheem tankless water heater.

Once registered, your new hot water heater will be protected against defects in materials and workmanship. Parts that fail due to regular use and service will be repaired or replaced by a team of independent professionals who represent Rheem.

Here are a few exclusions that aren’t covered by a Rheem water heater warranty:

  • Damages, malfunctions, or failures caused by misuse or improper installation are not covered.
  • Equipment that’s not installed by a licensed HVAC professional as per applicable codes and ordinances are excluded.
  • If third-party accessories aren’t approved by the manufacturer, the Rheem hot water heater warranty is void.

The Certificate of Limited Warranty also highlights that the warranty does not cover any shipping costs, the expenses of labor or fees for service, or the removal or installation of new parts. However, you can receive coverage for labor costs with a ProtectionPlus upgrade.

How Much Does a Rheem Water Heater Warranty Cost?

Because a Rheem water heater warranty is included with the purchase of a new unit, prices will vary. We did find that adding the ProtectionPlus enhancement kit to a Rheem warranty typically costs between $150–$250 across multiple authorized vendors.

How To Make a Claim on Your Water Heater

Making a claim on a Rheem water heater requires prompt action to discuss a malfunction with the installing contractor or distributor. The manufacturer states in its Certificate of Limited Warranty that if the installer is unavailable, you may contact any local dealer who handles its products for warranty service.

If you need help to find a professional in your area, contact Rheem at 479-646-4311 for assistance. Note: California residents can reach Rheem at 866-251-4090.

Rheem Water Heater Warranty Reviews

Rheem currently has an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has a long reputation in the industry as a trustworthy brand. Because Rheem has been around for so long, the company has a mix of positive and negative customer reviews.

Here’s a sampling of those reviews below:

“I have had good luck with [a] Rheem gas hot water tank. I bought it 23 years ago, installed it myself, and it is still going.” — Gerald, Consumer Affairs

“Rheem water heater warranties are essentially worthless. The time required to leave a failed water heater in place to qualify for compensation is several days at a minimum; no reputable landlord would subject residents to lack of hot water for that long. In reality, the entire water heater must be replaced ASAP; that makes it impossible to obtain a benefit from the warranty.” — Steve J., BBB

Our Final Rheem Water Heater Warranty Review

Though a Rheem water heater warranty will provide coverage for a short period, the manufacturer warranty is bound to expire and leave you without coverage. Water heater failure can cost thousands of dollars, and neglecting to repair or replace essential parts that are damaged or functioning improperly can lead to even more severe problems in the future.

To ensure your water heater is protected once your Rheem water heater warranty expires, consider investing in a home warranty plan. A home warranty protects major home systems and appliances, including your water heater, when they break down due to normal wear and tear.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Rheem water heater warranty last?

It strictly depends on the type of water heater you purchased and if you opted for the ProtectionPlus extension. Product warranties vary from six years to limited lifetime for tanks and parts.

Is my Rheem water heater under warranty?

To find out if your Rheem water heater warranty is active, you can compare the information provided in your product’s user manual with the installation date.

How does a Rheem water heater warranty work?

When you experience problems with your Rheem water heater, the easiest way to find a professional for repair is by contacting the company that installed the unit. If you’re unsure of who handles Rheem warranties in your area, fill out this form from the manufacturer’s website to find a local team of independent professionals to address the malfunction.

What do I do if my warranty expires?

When your Rheem water heater warranty expires, you have two options to continue coverage:

  1. Buy a new unit to restart the warranty.
  2. Purchase a home warranty contract for comprehensive coverage for systems throughout the home.

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