HomeGuard HomeWarranty is a residential service contract provider based in California and Arizona. It’s been in the industry since 2006, and it prides itself on offering high-quality customer service to homeowners and realtors.

Since many local and national companies offer home warranties to homeowners, choosing the right one can be difficult. In this article, we’ll review HomeGuard HomeWarranty and discuss the plans it offers, how much those plans cost, and what customers have to say.

One of HomeGuard Home Warranty’s biggest cons is that it’s not available in much of the country. Arizona and California residents can consider the pros this home warranty company has to offer, but others will have to look elsewhere.

Pros and Cons of HomeGuard HomeWarranty

All plans offer substantial coverageOnly available in California and Arizona
Provides options for extra coverage, including uncommon items like pest control and code upgradesRefrigerator, washer, and dryer aren’t covered under basic plans
Has a customizable service call feeMany positive reviews seem to come from realtors, not customers
BBB accreditation and A+ rating
13-month contracts in CA

HomeGuard HomeWarranty Plans, Coverage, and Costs

Since housing laws differ between Arizona and California, HomeGuard offers slightly different coverage plans in each state.

California Plans and Costs

For California homeowners, HomeGuard offers three levels of coverage: Standard, Advantage, and Total Protection. These contracts last a full 12 months after the 30-day waiting period, making them 13-month plans. Here is what those plans cover.

California Plans

CoverageStandard PlanAdvantage PlanTotal Protection Plan
Range/oven/cooktop/built-in microwave
Garbage disposal
Trash compactor
Instant hot water dispenser
Re-key coverage
Heating system
Plumbing system and stoppages
Electrical system
Central vacuum
Garage door opener
Ceiling, attic, and exhaust fans
Water heater
Pest control
Telephone wiring
Smoke detectors
Limited roof leak coverage
Carbon monoxide detectors
Improper installation/repairs
Mismatched systems
Limited code upgrade
Building permits
Lack of maintenance
Refrigerant recapture, reclaim, and disposal
General disposal
Ice makers
Swamp cooler tune-up
Supplemental blanket coverage
Zone control coverage
Total code modification/upgrade
Total plumbing stoppage coverage
Toilet replacement
Water heater
Total plumbing coverage
Radiant heat upgrade
Enhanced slab leak and additional pipe leak coverage

Advantage and Total Protection Plans also come with either central air conditioning or kitchen refrigerator coverage. All plans can be supplemented with the following extra coverage:

  • Central air conditioning
  • A/C and heating pre-season tune-up
  • Supplemental blanket coverage
  • Swimming pool/spa equipment/salt water circuit board and cell
  • Solar pool/spa equipment
  • Solar hot water system
  • Water softener/reverse osmosis filtration system
  • Ornamental fountain
  • Clothes washer and dryer
  • Kitchen refrigerator
  • Additional refrigerators
  • Freestanding freezer
  • Well pump
  • Booster pump
  • Septic tank pump
  • Sewage ejector pump
  • Additional pipe coverage
  • Red tag option
  • Limited roof leak coverage
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Smart home features

HomeGuard’s premiums in California will vary based on the size and age of your home. Here’s what each plan costs per year.

California Plan Costs

HomeStandard PlanAdvantage PlanTotal Protection Plan
Single-family home$335$485$585
Condo/townhome/mobile home$295$430$555
New construction (years 2-6)$470$580--

The service call fee, which must be paid every time a technician visits your house, is commonly $75, but for an extra $70 a year, you can pay a reduced service fee of $40. Here are the annual costs of HomeGuard’s additional coverage options, no matter which plan you purchase, along with any coverage caps listed.

Additional Coverage

CoverageYearly FeeMaximum Payout
Central air conditioning$75$1,500
A/C and heating tune-up$25--
Supplemental blanket coverage$50Increases any coverage cap by $250
Pool/spa equipment$170$1,500
Solar pool/spa equipment$250$1,500
Solar hot water system$250$1,500
Water softener/reverse osmosis$70$500
Ornamental fountain$70 per fountain$500
Clothes washer and dryer$75--
Kitchen refrigerator$50$5,000
Combo washer/dryer/refrigerator$90--
Additional refrigerators$40$1,500
Freestanding freezer$50$1,500
Well pump$95$1,500
Booster pump$70--
Septic tank pump$30$500
Sewage ejector pump$25$500
Additional pipe coverage$100$1,000
Red tag option$25--
Limited roof leak coverage$75 for manufactured homes $160 for multiple units--
Outdoor kitchen$75$1,000
Smarthome features$75$1,500

Arizona Plans and Costs

For Arizona homeowners, HomeGuard’s plans are organized a little differently. There are two plans to choose from, and they last the standard 11 months after the 30-day waiting period.

Arizona Plans

Coverage4-Star Plan5-Star Plan
Central air conditioning
AC/heating mini-split
Refrigerant reclaim/disposal
Cranes, permits, haul away
Code upgrades
Improper installation or modification
Mismatched systems
Trash compactor
Kitchen exhaust fan
Built-in microwave
Garbage disposal
Instant hot/cold water dispenser
Water heater
Plumbing system leaks
Plumbing stoppages
Electrical system
Garage door opener
Central vacuum
Pest control
Re-key service
Manufacturer warranty
Supplemental blanket coverage
Code/modification upgrade
Stoppage coverage
Water heater/heating system
Additional plumbing
Radiant heat upgrade
Enhanced slab leak and additional pipe leak coverage

If you buy either plan, you can buy supplemental coverage for the following items:

  • AC/heating pre-season tune-up
  • Kitchen refrigerator
  • Clothes washer and dryer
  • Additional refrigerators (up to four)
  • Swimming pool/spa equipment/salt water circuit board and cell
  • Solar pool/spa equipment
  • Solar hot water system
  • Water softener/reverse osmosis filtration system
  • Homeowners’ insurance deductible
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Red tag option
  • Supplemental blanket coverage
  • Enhanced slab leak and additional pipe leak coverage
  • Freestanding freezer
  • Well pump
  • Booster pump
  • Septic pumping/ejector pump
  • Eco-friendly upgrade
  • Limited roof leak coverage
  • Guest house (under 800 square feet)

Yearly premium rates for these plans again vary by the size and age of the house.

Arizona Plan Costs

Home4-Star Plan5-Star Plan
Single-family home$420 (or $785 for two years)$510 (or $925 for two years)
Condo/townhome/mobile home$365 (or $695 for two years)$450 (or $860 for two years)
New construction (years 2-6)$580--

The service call fee for these plans is $65; however, you can pay an initial $65 fee to lower that cost to $30. You can also pay $45 to ensure that you can renew your plan at the same price you initially paid for it. Here are the fees for extra coverage, along with the maximum payouts they’ll cover.

Additional Coverage

CoverageYearly FeeMaximum Payout
AC/heating pre-season tune-up$40--
Kitchen refrigerator$50$5,000
Washer and dryer$75--
Washer/dryer/refrigerator combo$90--
Additional refrigerators$40$1,500
Swimming pool/spa equipment/salt water circuit board and cell$170$1,500
Solar pool/spa$250$1,500
Solar hot water system$250$1,500
Water softener/reverse osmosis filtration system$70$500
Homeowners’ insurance deductible$30$500
Outdoor kitchen$125$1,000
Red tag option$25--
Supplemental blanket coverage$250Increases any coverage cap by $250
Enhanced slab leak and additional pipe leak coverage$100$1,500
Freestanding freezer$50$1,500
Well pump$95$1,500
Booster pump$70--
Septic pumping/ejector pump$55$500
Eco-friendly upgrade$20--
Limited roof leaks$100 ($160 for multi-unit)$1,500
Guest house$165--

Here’s how HomeGuard warranty plans for single-family homes stack up against the costs for typical home warranties.

HomeGuard HomeWarranty Compared to the Competition

PlanMonthly PremiumYearly PremiumService Call Fee
Typical home warranty$25–$50$300–$600$75–$125
HomeGuard Standard Plan (CA)$27.92$335$75
HomeGuard Advantage Plan (CA)$40.42$485$75
HomeGuard Total Protection Plan (CA)$48.75$585$75
HomeGuard 4 Star Plan (AZ)$35.00$420$65
HomeGuard 5 Star Plan (AZ)$42.50$510$65

As you can see, HomeGuard’s plans fall in the median of the typical monthly premium costs for home service contracts.

HomeGuard HomeWarranty Reviews

HomeGuard HomeWarranty has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2008, and it holds an A+ rating for its transparent business practice and the care with which it handles customer complaints. Despite this, the company has a mix of positive and negative reviews. Here’s a sampling of those reviews.

“Don’t get a warranty from this company. They look for any reason to deny your claim. The contractors they use are horrible.” — Daniel I. on 10/17/18

“So I got a call from Wendy (manager) [and] she stated that she was going to get a heater tech to our home. I had to call to follow up but a tech came out…there was something wrong and HomeGuard OK’ed the fix and my heater is now running normal. So they stood by their word.” — Scott S. on 1/19/20

“We had a heater go out just after Christmas and although I did have to call back at 24 hours to make sure the tech was dispatched, we had a perfectly repaired heater in less than 48 hours as promised.” — Deryn M. on 12/31/19

Our Conclusion

The This Old House Reviews Team gives HomeGuard an 8.8/10. Though it provides extensive plans at affordable prices, it’s only available in California and Arizona, leaving other U.S. residents without protection. If you don’t live in California or Arizona and want comprehensive coverage, we recommend going with a home warranty provider like American Home Shield.

Our Recommendation: American Home Shield

If you live outside of California and Arizona, or if HomeGuard’s customer reviews give you pause, we recommend American Home Shield, a nationwide home warranty provider with a solid reputation in the industry. The company’s plans are available everywhere except Alaska.

Rather than two or three home warranty plans, American Home Shield offers three warranty packages. One covers only systems, one covers systems with kitchen and laundry appliances, and the third covers both home systems and appliances with additional benefits such as roof leak coverage.

American Home Shield Plans

Systems and AppliancesShieldSilver™ShieldGold™ShieldPlatinum™
Air Conditioning
Heating System
Smoke Detectors
Ceiling Fans
Plumbing and Stoppages
Water Heaters
Water Dispensers
Central Vacuums
Ranges, Ovens, and Cooktops
Clothes Washer
Clothes Dryers
Built-In Microwave
Trash Compactors
Freestanding Ice Maker
Garage Door Opener
Built-In Food Centers
Coverage Boost
Roof Leak Coverage

American Home Shield also offers extra coverage options for the following:

American Home Shield’s premiums are a little higher than HomeGuard’s. You also have the option to personalize your service call fee—if you pick a higher service fee, you can reduce your monthly premium costs.

American Home Shield Plan Costs

PlanMonthly PremiumYearly PremiumService Call Fee
To get a free quote for your preferred plan, call American Home Shield at 888-751-6014 or fill out this simple form.


Our Rating Methodology

The This Old House Reviews Team backs up our home warranty ratings and recommendations with a detailed rating methodology to objectively score each provider. We conduct research by speaking with company representatives, requesting quotes, analyzing sample contracts from each company, and conducting focus groups and consumer surveys. We then score each provider against our review standards for coverage, value, trustworthiness and transparency, availability, and customer service to arrive at a final score out of 100.  

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