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S42 E19: House Fire Reclamation

The back porches of the house are brought to code. Ice blasting is used to get rid of the fire odor. New vinyl siding is installed, and homeowner Carol considers new accent colors to match. Then, framing begins inside the house.

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In this episode:

A prominent feature of most three-decker houses is the layout of porches on the back. They stack one on top of each other and provide nice outdoor space for city dwellers. But these porches were built to 1905 standards. Kevin O’Connor finds Tom and Charlie Silva and Russ Gibson bringing them up to 21st-century code.

A lingering smell is one of the biggest problems faced by victims of a house fire. Kevin finds our demo expert Ron Peik addressing that problem with a unique solution—ice.

The old siding dates to the early ’80s and finding a match has been difficult. Carol has decided to put new vinyl siding on the entire house and change the color. Tom works with Charlie and siding installer Diogenes Porto on the side of the house that received most of the damage.

The new siding color gives Carol a chance to change accent colors on the exterior. She meets with Mauro Henrique to pick new colors for the columns in front.

In the second-floor apartment, framing has begun. Kevin finds Russ and his crew erecting a new wet wall between the kitchen and bathroom and moving a bathroom wall to make space for a laundry room.

Original Air Date: Apr 18, 2021 Season 42; Ep.19 23:42

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