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S42 E18: 3 Decker Heaven

Asbestos is removed from exposed ductwork. Richard meets the new plumber. Jenn visits a community garden. A local historian speaks about triple deckers. Tom and Charlie pull off the melted siding.

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In this episode:

A house as old as our project is bound to have two bad things, lead and asbestos. Earlier demo took care of the lead paint but today is asbestos removal day. Kevin O’Connor finds Ron Peik and his team starting the removal.

Plumbing issues will be the first to consider as the project unfolds. Richard Trethewey meets Ronnette Taylor, the plumber on our project, to assess the waste water system after 120 years of service and one year lying dormant.

Community gardens are a popular way for urban dwellers to experience an outdoor pastime. In Boston they have been popular for decades and now there are waiting lists to get access to the tiny plots. Luckily Carol and her sister Willie have found neighbors who need help with their garden. Jenn Nawada catches up with them as they deal with the end of the season.

New England is ground zero for the apartment style known as 3 Deckers. From Boston to Waterbury, Connecticut and many places in between, a 3 Decker building is where working people lived and raised their families. Architectural Historian Arthur Krim, who has studied 3 Deckers for 40 years, describes the key features.

Vinyl siding is one of the least expensive siding materials and it can look good if installed correctly. But vinyl siding is no match for the heat from a house fire. Tom Silva finds Charlie Silva and Russ Gibson pulling off the melted siding from our house and preparing for replacement pieces.

Original Air Date: Apr 11, 2021 Season 42; Ep.18 23:42

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