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S42 E22: Three of Everything

Mauro works with the apprentices to fix plaster damage, and Richard meets fellow plumber Ronnette about the new sprinkler system. Then, Homeowner Carol and her sister shop for tile, and the glass doors get repaired by an expert.

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In this episode:

Host Kevin O’Connor finds Paint Expert Mauro Henrique working with our new apprentices to fix the plaster damage created by the fire and its aftermath.

Plumbing and Heating Expert Richard Trethewey finds fellow plumber Ronnette Taylor installing a sprinkler system to help prevent another disaster.

Shortly before the fire, Carol selected new tile for each bathroom in the house. Now, she’s back at the home center selecting tiles again with the help of designer Amy Lynn Allard.

Radiators left holes in the hardwood floors in many rooms throughout the house. General Contractor Tom Silva shows the apprentices how to weave flooring to remove holes in the hardwood.

Among the beautiful features of our project are the leaded glass windows and cabinet doors, but after more than a century, they have started to show their ages. Kevin meets with our antique glass expert, Cathryn Blackwell, to discuss her fix for the cabinet doors on the second floor china cabinet.

Original Air Date: May 9, 2021 Season 42; Ep.22 23:42

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