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S42 E20: Urban Oasis

In this episode, Jenn Nawada creates a patio building team, and Heath Eastman rewires a section with intact plaster. Then, Charlie Silva and Tom Silva hang a fire-rated door. Richard Trethewey also explains how a tub fits in.

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In this episode:

The backyard of the Dorchester 3 Decker is quite large. Homeowner Carol and landscape contractor Jenn Nawada came up with a plan that lets Carol and her family enjoy it. Today, other members of our This Old House team are pitching in to build a patio and sitting wall.

Half the electrical system in the house was damaged in the fire. Since it’s hard to tell what’s good and what’s bad, all of it will be replaced. Kevin O’Connor finds Heath Eastman rewiring an intact plaster ceiling.

Fire damaged the doors leading to the back porch on each floor. Tom and Charlie Silva take out the old doors and install a fire door with a metal jamb. Bathrooms are ready for new plumbing fixtures. Richard Trethewey explains how new fiberglass tubs are going in.

Windows were replaced recently on the house but because of the fire, we must do many of them again. Tom and Kevin install new double-hung windows on the first floor after pulling out the old sash and replacement jamb.

Original Air Date: Apr 25, 2021 Season 42; Ep.20 23:42

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