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S42 E24: Roof University

The apprentices attend a roofing class and then put their skills to practice. Back at the triple-decker, a vinyl floor goes in, Mauro touches up the cabinets, and Tom and Charlie install French doors.

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In this episode:

Our Generation Next Apprentices have spent time with master electrician Heath Eastman, paint expert Mauro Henrique and his crew, and Russ and Charlie Silva’s carpenters. Today, their experience goes up a level: to the roof. To learn more about the trade, they head to a roofing academy in New Jersey to meet Brian Cornelius and Daniel Caviano.

In the top floor kitchen, host Kevin O’Connor finds Sean McCarron installing the wood grain floating floor before the vinyl plank flooring goes in. Also, on the first floor, the kitchen cabinets survived the fire, but demo and rebuilding have taken their toll. Kevin finds Mauro cleaning up the old doors and matching colors.

The 1905 triple decker had no insulation in the walls when it was built. Tom, Charlie, and the apprentices use mineral wool to insulate the exterior wall cavities.

The room between homeowner Carol’s parlor and dining room will sometimes be used as a spare bedroom, so glass expert Cathyrn Blackwell puts in the repaired leaded glass doors. Then, Tom helps Charlie install a French door.

Original Air Date: May 23, 2021 Season 42; Ep.24 23:42

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