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Warped Door

I have an exterior French door that is warped at the top of one door towards the inside of the house. Is there anything I can do to correct this?

Re: Warped Door

What's the door made of? Wood? Metal?

Re: Warped Door

The outder edge is wood and the inside is all glass.

Re: Warped Door

Is this door warped all year long... or just during the summer months. (Okay in winter?)

Might also be that both doors are warping to some degree and not just the one. ???

Related questions...

Your locale is?

Age of doors?

All-wood doors or newer clad doors?

House is ACed during the summer?

Doors face which direction?

Does the sun strike the doors?

Does rain strike the doors? (applicable only if wood exterior or the cladding is poorly detailed)

What color are they painted/stained on the exterior side?

What type of interior finish on the doors? (varnish,lacquer,shellac,paint,?)

How large is the gap created by the warping?

Re: Warped Door


The door is always warped.
Only one door is warped.
Live in Houston
doors are 2 years old
made of all wood
house is ACed all year
door faces east
sun strikes doors in the morning only.
rain strikes the doors
they're painted white on both sides
gap is about 1/2 inch

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