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In this video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva enhances the energy efficiency of an old, drafty door.

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1. Tap out the hinge pins and remove the door from the opening.

2. Pull the old weather stripping from the bottom of the door.

3. Use a router to cut a groove in bottom edge of door.

4. Seal the bottom end of the door and the routed groove with tung oil.

5. Insert mechanical weather stripping into the routed groove, then secure the weather stripping with screws.

6. Set the door back into the opening and replace the door hinges.

7. Open the door all the way and adjust the mechanical weather stripping by rotating its screw until the weather stripping forms a tight seal against the sill when the door is closed.

8. Peel off the old weather stripping from around the sides and top of the door opening.

9. Press new weather stripping into the groove cut in the head jamb.

10. Use scissors to trim the upper ends of the side weather stripping pieces.

11. Press the new weather stripping into the grooves cut in the side jambs.

12. Close the door and check for any gaps or air leaks.