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Vintage-look Wireless Switches for Ceiling Lighting

We just purchased an older home with no ceiling lighting. We were able to run electric in the attic and install boxes in the ceilings for light fixtures, perhaps even a fan combo in bedrooms. However unless we want to completely rip up the walls (more than we can spend in wall repairs), we are not going to be able to wire wall switches. There are too many horizontal boards in the walls to fish anything down  

We are looking for suggestions of wireless solutions for switches. We would like the switches to mount to the wall a LOOK like as much like a regular switch as possible, but communicate wirelessly to a receiver we would wire in the ceiling. Preferably the wall switches would have a vintage (preferably Victorian) look. Not white and not decorator switches. 

Any suggestions? Thank you in advance. 

Re: Vintage-look Wireless Switches for Ceiling Lighting


I have not heard of anything like that. Nor would I trust it. You would have to have electric supply at each box if that were the case. We have a Victorian house with lathe and plaster walls. We used have ceiling boxes in place, with the knob and tube wiring. I have since replaced all the knob and tube with MC cable. I make a small hole in the plaster only at the top of the wall above each set of switch boxes. I also had a small amount of plaster work around each box because I replaced the old, small boxes with larger metal boxes. I replaced the old push button switches with modern day push button switches and solid brass covers.

There really was not that much of an issue, we have some fire breaks up the wall also. I used a long, flexiable drill bit when they were encountered. A true craftsman would not have to create a channel up every inch of the wall. Besides, plaster repair is not difficult and not at all expensive for the material. When I pulled wire to the ceiling box, I did replace the ceiling box with chandelier rated metal boxes. I also pulled a spare from the wall box to each ceiling box.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

Re: Vintage-look Wireless Switches for Ceiling Lighting


There are sveral options for wireless switches, however be warend they are not cheap. The switches are battery operated and require a reciever the the ligh or fan boxes. Homedepot carries units from Skylink, even Walmart caries some (but not sure you can get valid advice there. You might go to www.smarthome.com and check out what they have.

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