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Thin LED light installation in kitchen

I am looking to install 5 led lights in my kitchen.  My wife and I have been looking art the Lithonia wafer lights. We currently have square recessed boxes in the ceiling and don't feel like making big holes to patch to take them out.  The led lights come with their own small junction box, I was wondering if it is safe and follows code to have the junction box sit in the pre existing recessed box? We live in Vermont and don't know where to find state codes.

Thank you! 

Re: Thin LED light installation in kitchen


There are no local codes for Electrical. There are only National Codes. And no, you cannot install one junction box insode of another.

I just looked at some of the lights that you notes above, that is not a junction box, that is the driver. It is really just a small transformer and rectifier built into one. Only the two wires are to be placed in the junction box, securely connected to the feeder wire. You cannot however, cover that junction box, it Must be readily accessable.

Handy Andy In Mt. Airy NC


Re: Thin LED light installation in kitchen

Here is the install instructions for the Lithonia lights 

Are you refering to a square enclosed recessed light fixture?   
Yes, to install the new Lithonia lights you would have to remove the whole existing recessed fixture then install the new lts in thier place.

To keep drywall repair to a minimum you might find a "goof ring" to hide the mess.

Readily accessible is accepable thru the hole created for the recessed light.



Re: Thin LED light installation in kitchen

You might want to look at soemthing like the Philips 303081 SlimSurface Round LED 3000K.. They are available from Amazon and the big box stores.  They use the conveentional box - no need to dig out the ceiling

Re: Thin LED light installation in kitchen

Hi! Old post, so not sure if you've done it already, but hope it'll help anyone who may be interested.

I installed a few of these in my house in Florida. I had the same questions you did... but like Andy others said... the "driver" box gets mounted to a stud inside. It's best if you can gain access, or if it's between floors, then try to mount it to one of the studs in there.


I've been pretty pleased with the wafer lights. I used them in the showers, actually replacing existing recessed can lights. I was very pleased at the amount of light. The one thing I will say though that may not be considered. Because the lights are flush with the ceiling, there's no "baffle." Therefore, the light shines directly in your eyes and it can be blinding at times. When you have recessed lights, there is at least somewhat of a baffle that provides some glare protection. It's like having the sun in your bathroom... hahah...



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