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Therma-Tru Smooth Star Door Question

Smooth Star fiberglass door with a small pane of glass at the top. Started painting it yesterday in preparation for an installation next week.

The door is double bored for a deadbolt and keyed knob. I noticed on the 2 1/4" H x 1"W x 1/8" deep areas where the 1" edge (or cross) bore is that there were 2 wood plugs in the wood in this 2 1/4" x 1" lock area. Each wood plug is ~1/2" in diameter. Looking at the door standing vertical, the plugs would be above and below the cross bore. The one above it is at 1:00 - 2:00, and the one below it is at 4:00 to 5:00, so they are both toward the front (external) side of the door. These plugs were there for each of the deadbolt and keyed know cutout, so 4 plugs total.

I'm not sure why these wood plugs are there. Is it normal to have these plugs there? Do they in any way compromise the integrity of the door when it comes to the strength of that area, etc.?

Also, since this was a replacement door for the original which came with some of the fiberglass coating messed up, the glass from the original one was removed and installed in this slab. While it is insulated glass, I was surprised that there was no insulation under the PVC perimeter frame that holds this glass in place. I would think that air would easily get in under this frame and thus into the house around the perimeter of the glass.

Is this the way it is supposed to be?


Re: Therma-Tru Smooth Star Door Question

Why don't you call customer service and ask them?

Re: Therma-Tru Smooth Star Door Question

I did call Therma-Tru.

I got an answer for the glass and possible air or water seepage around it. They explained how it is made/set in the opening. Issue closed.

For the plugs, they said they would not do that, so it had to be the assembler. Having had some experience with the assembler where they told me something else could not be done, when it could and was done, I prefer to also get independent input.

Anyone any thoughts on the plugs?


Re: Therma-Tru Smooth Star Door Question

Not sure about this specific door, but if the plugs were properly glued in I wouldn't worry much about them substantially weakening it. They may also be doweling used to fasten/reinforce the blocking around the lockset area to the narrower stile on the side of the door.

Strength and security is always a subjective question, and in 'kick-ins' the door side stile is what usually lets go first as it is the thinnest part in the door, especially after it's weakened by boring for the lock plungers. The door-frame usually splits first unless the strike area is properly shimmed with the strike screws long enough to solidly engage the studding. Generally, if a door doesn't cave in by the second or third kick, a crook will look for and easier way to get in. I've seen a lot of this in rentals and unless you're going to reinforce everything in the door system correctly, don't worry about it as someone who knows how can kick almost any door in, but few people other that warrant-serving Cops know exactly where to put their foot for best effect. Good enough is good enough when there's little more you can do to make it much better.


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