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Sealing a Cat Door

Hi Everybody!

I just purchased my first home and I'm super excited to get to work on it! :D My biggest problem/concern is that it has a cat door. And by door I mean hole with a plastic flap over it. I'm wondering what would be the best way to cover that up? Is this something you can just seal with drywall?

Any advice you can give would help me greatly!


Re: Sealing a Cat Door

Welcome to the forum:)

By cat door --- where is it located --- in a door or a wall ?
If in a door then you wouldn't use drywall to patch the openeing ( especially if it's an exterior entry door ) -- drywall would be used to patch the opening in a plaster or drywalled wall.

A. Spruce
Re: Sealing a Cat Door

What Canuk said.

Interior patches can be made with drywall, exterior patches need to match the existing materials and be weatherproofed. Do NOT under any circumstances close off the interior side without first sealing up the exterior or you'll soon have a huge mess on your hands.

Re: Sealing a Cat Door

A cat hole or a dog hole in an exterior door is irrevesible. If you want no hole, get a new door.

Re: Sealing a Cat Door

Thanks for your responses.

Actually it's in the wall directly next to the door. I really do wish they would have just put it in the door - then we could just replace it.

If we need to weatherproof the outside - would this be a project I can do myself or should I get a contractor? That seems like a small thing to hire someone for...

A. Spruce
Re: Sealing a Cat Door

Depends on what the exterior of the house is covered with and your proficiencies with DIY projects. Just about any kind of wood siding you could probably tackle. If you've got masonry or stucco I'd leave it to a pro.

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