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Screened Porch Framing


Good afternoon,

First post in this forum, but have picked up quite a few pointers.

I Have framed a 12' x 14' screened porch. Construction consists of 2x4 bottom plate bolted to deck framing. Side walls (14 feet) have 5 4x4 posts toenailed to the bottom plate. The posts at the house are bolted to the house framing. Wall away from house( 12 feet) has 4 posts. The corners posts are shared between the side walls and the end wall. There is a 2x4 single top plate with a double 2x6 with 1/2 spacer built up header on top of that. At the corner, the headers intersect in a herringbone manner. Inspector advised, vaguely, that I add stapping reinforcement to the intersections to 1) tie the intersecting headers together 2) tie the header/top plate assembly to the post and 3) tie the posts to the deck. Plans were approved without specification for strapping/post-beam connectors at the corners.

What I did is shown in the pictures below. There is also an 18 inch strap at each corern post going down to the deck to tie them together.

Questions for you are:
1) is this sufficient or do i need to tie every post in to the header with a post-beam connector or stap? and
2) similarly, do i need to strap each post to the deck like i did at the corners?

My hopes, from a cosmetic standpoint, were to only have to do it at the corners.



Re: Screened Porch Framing

Sorry, having difficulty with follows. See the following link for the pictures (remove the quotes)


Re: Screened Porch Framing

since the porch isnt fully closed in fromthe elements and highly suscuptible to high winds, using straps is a very good idea, it will help reinforce the joints. the connectors he is referring to are probably the simpson strong tie L-40's there easy to find at any big box store, they have to be fastened with joist hanger nails or hanger bolts. if memory serves correct the connector runs about $1.40 a peice however its been over a years since ive used them on a build plus prices vary by region

Re: Screened Porch Framing

Thanks - I used the LSTA18 strap to tie the headers together where they join at 90 degrees at the corner as well as to tie the corner posts to the deck. I also used the LCE4 corner post-beam connector for the outside corner posts to connect the post to the built up 2x4 header. Any issues with this that you would anticipate?

Re: Screened Porch Framing

the only thing i can think of is if you go to trim the inside youll have to pick your spots to nail the trim to so you dont hit the bracket

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