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How to Build Porch Stairs

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva builds a safe and solid set of porch stairs.


How to Repair a Rotted Porch Post

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows how to permanently patch a decaying porch post

How to Restore Outdoor Furniture

Learn how to extend the life of your lawn chairs with the advice from an expert.

Nathan demonstrates how to properly hang an American flag.

Celebrate the Fourth of July: How to Hang the American Flag

Ask This Old House carpenter and U.S. Navy veteran Nathan Gilbert explains the proper way to hang and display a U.S. flag.

Adding concrete to the back of steps

How to Build Granite Porch Stairs

This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook shows how to create durable, beautiful stone steps

How to Install a Lattice Under Deck

Dress up your front porch with hinged panels of plastic skirting.


How to Build and Hang a Custom Screen Door

Ask This Old House general contractor helps a homeowner build a custom screen door to fit her unique front entryway.


Build Removable Wood-Framed Screens

Tom Silva and Jeff Sweenor illustrate how to make removable screens for a screened porch

Reader Project | How to Build a Porch Pirate-Proof Bench

A reader shares his ingenious solution for safeguarding delivered packages

How to Build a Simple Porch Swing

This streamlined outdoor seat is budget-friendly and simple to build using basic cuts and common stock

Turn a Porch Into an Outdoor Room with Shutters

Install shutters outdoors to create this character-filled look

5 Ways to Paint a Porch Floor

Pro painter Brian Carter’s beautiful ideas to dress up an old porch floor


How to Replace a Broken Front Porch Board

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva fixes a front porch by replacing a deck board

How to Patch a Porch Floor

An easy upgrade for safer stepping


How to Install a Porch Column

Tom Silva shows the proper way to install a structural and decorative column on a front porch. He also demonstrates several ways to install weatherproof flashing

Rebuilt Wrap-Around Porch for a Folk Victorian

A newlywed's stepdad recreated detailed gingerbread trim for the best curb appeal redo from the Search for America's Best Remodel 2015

How to Weatherproof Furniture

Save money by prepping furniture with these weather-guarding hacks


How to Build a Porch Rail

Building a perfect-fit handrail with This Old House general contractor Tom Silva

How to Paint Oversize Blossoms on Your Porch Floor

Decorate your outdoor sanctuary with a large floral design

How to Paint a Colorful Carpet on Your Porch Floor

Give your outdoor room a permanent rug design

How to Replace Porch Posts

Find out how to remove and reinstall porch posts to refresh your entry's look

How to Build and Hang a Porch Swing

Get yourself the best seat not in the house, and enjoy it all summer long

How to Build an Adirondack Chair

Make a roomy, reclining seat with a fan back and wide armrests out of weather-resistant decking lumber.


How to Animal-Proof a Porch

In this how-to video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva installs a humane animal barrier

Porch Rail Revival

How to use salvaged balustrades to spruce up the exterior of an old house

How to Install a Beadboard Porch Ceiling

Gussy up your porch in time for outdoor entertaining

How to Hang a Porch Swing

Precisely measuring the enjoyment porch swings provide is difficult, but a good place to start is monitoring how long your smile lasts.