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Doric Framed

Photo by Leah Vinluan

Smooth Roman Doric columns flank a compound stone arch with a rusticated keystone, and modillions carved with acanthus leaves and dentil work top the capitals, giving this entryway a European feel. The portico serves as both shelter and balcony, crowned by an elaborately scrolled iron railing. For security, custom iron grates cover the sidelights and an iron gate secures the door, but does not obscure the fanlight above the door.

Tuscan Columns

Photo by Nancy Andrews

This Colonial Revival entryway takes its cues from the earlier Federal style, with its six-panel door, elliptical fanlight, sidelights, and arched portico. The simplicity of these Tuscan columns—unfluted shafts, unadorned bases—allows the eye to focus on the more elaborate and handsome details of the door itself.

Diamond in the Arch

Photo by Nancy Andrews

A basket arch atop Roman Doric columns and unadorned door casings make the perfect frame around a diamond-shaped tile medallion. Red highlights in the tile match a bright-red front door.

Eastlake Style

Photo by Nancy Andrews

These massive, elaborately turned posts topping the stone porch piers are typical of Eastlake decoration on late Victorian-era houses. Their heft suits the extra-wide wooden front door and their spindle design adds a touch of whimsy to the rusticated stone facade.

Ellipses Up and Down

Photo by Nancy Andrews

The door's elliptical fanlight echoes the one above, which is larger and has tracery. The balustraded balconet lightens the look of the formal, Roman Doric columns and provides a measure of protection for the moveable sash window.

Flat Roof

Photo by Nancy Andrews

Stocky Tuscan and stone columns support a flat-roofed portico that sports minimal architrave trim. Nonetheless, the look—complete with cast-iron lions—is quite formal, especially with the piers repeated as gate posts at the entry to the slate walk.

Mediterranean Roof

Photo by Nancy Andrews

A Roman Doric portico features an arched ceiling that reveals an elliptical fanlight above the door. Painted white, the columns and trim contrast pleasingly with the rusticated random-coursed ashlar and Mediterranean green-tile roof.

Urban Metal

Photo by Alexandra Bandon

Elaborate ironwork makes a delicate frame around this urban Greek Revival rowhouse's front door. The proportions of the iron "columns" mimic those of the door's wide casing, complementing the surround without obscuring it.

Tudor Style

Photo by Scott Omelianuk

A sturdy stone arch brings heft to this Tudor-Revival house's entry and works nicely with its medieval-inspired strap-hinged front door and small-paned windows.

Craftsman Style

Photo by Nancy Andrews

Large curved brackets tie the gabled portico roof to a pair of stone piers on this Craftsman bungalow. The half-timbered king post in the center of the gable and other trim work are painted in a neutral earth-tone shade of tan to blend with the stucco finish.

Square Column Support

Photo by Nancy Andrews

Four elegant square columns support this gabled portico. The elliptical arch adds a note of welcome and visual interest. While the wide six-panel door is poker-faced, the peak of the arch points upward to a window, an "eye" that draws people in.

Contrasting Curves

Photo by Scott Omelianuk

The shape and color of this semi-circular portico contrast nicely with the brick facade, softening its rigid lines and drawing out the otherwise plain window trim. Tuscan columns and delicate ironwork add formality to a door with few embellishments save its slim sidelights.