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How to Hang a Porch Swing through Vinyl

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva adds structure to a porch in order to safely hang a swing


  1. Start by removing the vinyl ceiling using a hammer and a prybar up until the furthest point the swing will hang.
  2. If the swing cannot be hung on structure, structure will need to be added. Cut the 2x4” to size and then hammer it into position, preferably over the furring strip (if there is one) to accommodate the additional ¾” depth it creates. Secure the structure with wood screws.
  3. Reinstall the vinyl ceiling up until the panels fall just over the added structure.
  4. Drill a pilot hole through the vinyl, the furring strip, and the added structure using the drill and a drill bit. To keep the vinyl from cracking, it helps to start with a thicker drill bit just for the vinyl, then switch to the thin drill bit to drill the rest of the hole.
  5. Mount the bracket that comes with the swing to the pilot holes. Hand tighten the bracket through the pilot holes using a lag screw and a wrench.
  6. Install the vinyl ceiling up until the next location for the other side of the swing and repeat the process.
  7. Install the rest of the vinyl ceiling.
  8. Hang the swing onto the mounting brackets.

Depending on which direction you’d like to hang the porch swing, additional structure may need to be added to ensure the swing is installed safely.

To add structure, Tom took a piece of 2x4” and hammered it into place. He then secured it with wood screws. To secure the brackets from the swing, Tom used lag screws. All of these tools and hardware can be found at home centers.

The swing the homeowners had picked out was the Coral Coast Casco Bay Resin Wicker Porch Swing with Optional Cushion, which comes from Hayneedle. The swing comes with the green hanging brackets, but does not come with hardware to attach the brackets to the ceiling.