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Replacing Old wooden door

I have a house built in 1933. The Front door is wood and is warping in the winter cold weather creating a gap at the bottom and allows ice to build up which adds to the problem. The door frame is fine and I thought we could just replace the door with a newer insulated metal door. The problem is that there is a copperstrip running around the door frame and was apparently used as a weather seal. When we replaced the dead bolt and door knob on the old door the installer notched this copper out so that it didn't interfer with the locks. So my question is can this piece of copper be removed from the whole frame without taking the frame apart? It appears to just be anchored in the door by being inserted between two boards and perhaps nailed with tiny nails. If anyone can tell me if it can be removed or knows how doors like this were made I would appreciate knowing. Thanks:

Re: Replacing Old wooden door

Why don't you just see if you can pry the doorstop off the jamb and get to the nails that are holding the copper strip? It has to be held onto the jamb with something. I'm betting you'll find it tucked under the doorstop.

Getting the doorstop off, should show the nails or staples holding the copper onto the jamb side. Once you get that far, you can always replace it with some other weatherstripping later, when you get the new door.

The doorstop can be nailed back on the jamb with 3 or 4 penny nails. If you break it, prying it off, you can probably replace it pretty easily. Shouldn't be too big a deal.

Good Luck.

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