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Bill Mitchell
Recessed Light Fixture - Do they wear out?

I have a recessed light fixture that was installed almost 19 years ago (in a house over 50 years old, so this was a retrofit), that recently stopped working. It is installed in a cabinet over the kitchen sink, so there are no issues with insulation surrounding the can, and heat can disipate easily. However, I may have been using the wrong light bulbs in the unit. I have taken the can out, disconnected the electrical connections, and when I did that, notice a legend inside the can the recommended using "reflector lamps", not in excess of 75 watts. I have never used a bulb greater than 45 watts, but I haven't been using "reflector lamps." My question is can these units burn out and need to be replaced after a certain period of time? I think there may have been some heat issues inside the can itself, as the white wire coming from the socket unit at the top of the can appears burnt and brittle. Anyone have some input on this issue? I have two other recessed fixtures in my den that I put in myself about 6 years ago, and wonder if I need to be aware of this somewhere down the road. Thanks.

Bill Mitchell
Re: Recessed Light Fixture - Do they wear out?

Thanks for the response. I just went down to Home Depot earlier, picked up a replacement unit for about $10, wired it up, and the new unit works just fine. Guess I'll stick to reflector bulbs from now on, and others might want to do the same.

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