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Recessed light draft

I recently purchased a new home. I can feel a draft coming through 6 recessed lights in the sun room. Does anyone have any advice on what I need to do to stop this?


Re: Recessed light draft

You'll need to check the recessed lights from above. Do you have access into the ceiling there thru an attic access? If not it will be rather difficult to do very much to slow or stop the draft.
If you have access and the ceiling is already insulated, check to see if the insulation covers the can lights. If so they should be rated and safe for direct contact. Pull back the insulation and look around the edges of the cans where they contact the ceiling material. You can fill any gaps around the edges(from above) with something like Great Stuff foam sealer. If the light cans themselves have holes in them (small gaps and/or access spots for wiring) you can also put a few small spots of foam on those to help seal them. After that replace the original insulation as you found it.
If the insulation you have is not in contact with the light cans, or is obviously held back or blocked so it can't touch the cans they may not be safe for insulating. The next step is to look at the light cans to determine if they are rated for direct contact for insulation or not. I can't tell you how to check this directly. The cans I bought and installed stated on the box and in the instructions that they were safe for use in direct contact with insulation. Since they are already installed and the ceiling is sealed I can't check to see if the cans themselves are labeled or not.
Once you determine if they are safe for insulating use the Foam sealer around the light cans as mentioned earlier, and if you don't have any insulation up there add a few bats over each of the lights. Just be sure to verify that the cans are safe for insulating 'cuz fire is no fun.

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