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Old wood stained trim and doors

Hello, I recently bought a older home which contains the old wooden trim work and doors. My delima is I would love to paint over them because it is very dark and makes the rooms look smaller. One catch, friends say that I will just hate it if I change the look and that I should keep the dark wood it adds character they say. I want to paint the trim and doors an off white and paint the walls a beige/sand color. I would appreciate some advice and where do I start with the painting? Thank you in advance.

Re: Old wood stained trim and doors

Jlo, Ultimately you must be happy in your home, not your friends . You might want to talk to a realtor as to how it would affect the re-sale of your home in the future. In a real period type home such as an old craftsman, you might be degrading the style. It is kind of like refinishing an old antique and finding out it is no longer as valuable as a collectable.

I would caution too that varnished woodwork which is painted over is always more chipping prone than woodwork which was painted over virgin or stripped wood. Try what you may, the new paint will never be adhered as well over varnish as over bare wood.

Re: Old wood stained trim and doors

Hi, We had the same dilema. Old house, fantastic woodwork, but dark and dull. I compromised by painting the wood work in the bedrooms, hallway and kitchen, but have left the living and dining room unpainted. It has been a real chore to get the woodwork back into shape and it still isn't done after three years. It is worth it whenever someone comes into the house, looks up at our box ceiling and their mouth falls open.

Re: Old wood stained trim and doors

My little bungalow has wainscotting all over the place, even on the ceilings in the living room and kitchen ... it sure is dark - but friends tell me not to paint it! And so far I haven't ... but it's very tempting to.


Re: Old wood stained trim and doors

Don't do it. We owned a 1925 Bungalow for over twenty years. It was our first home. We updated kitchen and baths but would never touch the wood trim. We always loved the wood trim around the doors,windows, fireplace, built-in hutch. It was warm and beautiful. People who saw it loved it too. We sold the home about three years ago. My husband recently had an opportunity to see the house. (Long story) Anyways, when I heard the news that the new owners has painted all the trim work, I couldn't believe it. The color? Mauve. Sick sick....that was $$$$ out the window, That really devalued that home. What were thay thinking? Big mistake. Oh well.

Re: Old wood stained trim and doors

Thanks everyone for the comments. I don't think I ever will paint over the wood ... I just think about it ... on especially dark, cloudy days! :o

I don't think my house is an "authentic" Craftsman - it was built in 1937 as someone's little vacation home - but it does have the look and it's definitely "charming".

I don't know that painting the wood would affect the value much, one way or the other. I could be wrong, though. I love the wainscotting on the walls, but having it on my kitchen and living room ceilings is a bit much .... some days I just want to make it light and bright.

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