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Old house door measures 34.5" : Can frame be made for 36" Door?

We have a 70 yr old colonial (all brick) and the exterior door sizes are odd and we're learning it's difficult to find new doors to fit our oddly sized doorways.

For instance, our front door measures 34.5". All the doors we find, or at least like, are 36". Is there any way to easily and inexpensively(without masonry being involved) make the door frame a little bigger to accomodate a 36" width door? Height is not an issue it's just the width.

For our 30" kitchen door the only doors I could find that we liked were from a place that salvages building supplies. Luckily, they had a lot of antique 30" doors with windows. But have not had the same luck with our front 34.5" door.

We have 2 very skilled carpenters working on our home but wanted to ask the question on the forum first.

Thanks for any advice or suggestions.

Re: Old house door measures 34.5" : Can frame be made for 36" Door?

It will depend on the rough opening. The rough opening may be big enough. The door jam for the old door may be thicker than new jams, there may be filler strips or shims that can be removed. It is very hard to tell until at least the trim is removed.

Re: Old house door measures 34.5" : Can frame be made for 36" Door?

Thank you so much Jack! I was thinking the very same. Our current door jam is thicker than most and it does look like there's a good chance our entrance way could be refitted so that a 36" door could be used. My dad is coming next week and he sort of claimed being in charge of the doors (he's a security freak) :) and hopefully he will find a way to enlarge the frame.

I was so pleased to find a dealer selling beautiful new and used doors with leaded glass panels with art deco and art noveau designs and they are all under $400. All the doors I found at big box stores of similar styles were $1,000 + and because our door is an odd size it would be a special order and even more expensive. Currently we have a steel door which looks to be from the mid-60's and it is not very inviting. It looks more appropriate for an apartment with it's steel and tiny peep-hole.

Anyway, I never knew I could get so excited over door jams, frames, shims and door styles. :) So thanks very much for sharing your knowledge with us. We appreciate it very much!

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