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Old Door Jamb No Longer Holds Strike Plate

One of my exterior doors seems to have had the locks replaced on it many times. The door jamb is so worn out that there is no longer a place to screw the strike plates into. I could replace the whole piece of wood in the door jamb, but the wood is fine above and below the latch and deadbolt area. Should I replace the whole piece? Can I insert a patch piece? Is there a longer strike plate that could be used?

Re: Old Door Jamb No Longer Holds Strike Plate

Try inserting wooden tooth picks or wooden matches (minus head) in the screw holes, then install the screws. You can even dip which ever you use in wood glue before inserting the the holes. If it is really damaged, drill the hole3s out larger and glue in plugs. Let glue dry then drill new pilot holes for screw.

A. Spruce
Re: Old Door Jamb No Longer Holds Strike Plate

Yup, what Jack said. You could replace that section of the jamb, but drilling and plugging will be faster and easier than repairing with a scarf jointed patch. Just make sure that your drill bit size and plug/dowel size are the exact same. Don't drill a standard 1/4 or 3/8 inch hole and try to use a piece of dowel from Home Depot, it won't work! Home Depot sells imported dowel which is metric NOT standard. If you use a standard SAE sized bit, then you must buy SAE dowel from a woodworking supplier.

Re: Old Door Jamb No Longer Holds Strike Plate

Thanks guys, but the problem is bigger than the holes. I tried wood putty, but it is just too damaged. Looks like I'm looking at a replacement.

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