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OLD coal chute with door

Hello, I have a old rusty coal chute with a door in one of my basement window wells. It has cracks around the cement around it and it leaks water in when it rains, I had a professional out here to see if we could remove it and fill the wall in with concrete and he said the wall could crack again or more and make the problem worse. Any one have any ideas for this sort of thing ? Thanks a lot ~N

Re: OLD coal chute with door

What type of construction is the wall now (block, brick, concrete etc)? As long as you use that same thing to fill in the hole it should remain stable. I'd dig out around the patched spot a foot or more then waterproof it from the outside and back-fill the dirt to grade. Once the grass grows in it will disappear from the outside and look as if it had always been like that. And he inside il match the existing and not look to bad either.

If this is a poured concrete foundation wall, chip away where the new will meet the old to roughen the mating surface, then 'paint' it with a bonding agent just before pouring. That will produce a better bond between new and old. And on the inside, use the same type of form material as was done originally for best appearance. As small as this opening is there's probably little need to dowel it in with rebar as you'd do for closing in larger areas.


Re: OLD coal chute with door

Hi, I have a 1935 house that had a face lift before I bought. It had been empty for 5 years. It seems like maybe a homeless person is coming in from outside through the coal chute door. How do I open a coal chute from the outside to see if it's even possible for someone to just come in from outside?

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