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New Shallow Recessed Cans Installed, But Bulbs Go Too Low

I recently installed 10 Halo H27ICAT recessed light cans in my basement. These cans are shallower when compared to some of the other Halo light cans.

I purchased some 65watt BR30 incandescent bulbs that are 630 lumens each. The amount of light output is perfect, but I don’t like how low the bottom side of the bulb is. It sticks out about ¼ inch below the ceiling and I find it very distracting because my ceiling is fairly low (about 6’ 6”). I guess that’s a result of my purchasing of the shallow cans, but it’s too late to change them now. I believe the vertical adjustment is set as high as it will go, as there is a screw preventing me from pushing the bulb any higher into the can.

I’d rather have the bulbs sit higher in the can, which I guess would mean search for a shorter bulb. (The BR30 bulbs are about 5-3/8” long).

What options do I have? I found these shortneck PAR30 bulbs that are 3-5/8” long, which is a full 1.5 inches shorter than the ones that I have. The model is Sylvania 13970...sorry, the site won't let me post a link.

They can take 65w BR30, 75w PAR30, or 75w R30, but those short bulbs that I found are Halogen. I know they typically run hotter, so how do I know the can would be rated for them? The can also doesn’t state anything about shortneck vs longneck PAR30. Does that matter as far as heat dissipation?

Also, the can doesn’t say anything about using PAR20 bulbs. Would that be an option for me?

I need to stick with incandescent or halogen bulbs, because the CFL bulbs do not dim properly with my X10 dimming switch.


Re: New Shallow Recessed Cans Installed, But Bulbs Go Too Low

Ed, the heat should not matter if you stick with the same wattage (65W), especially if you use a dimmer. But, the PAR 20 will be about 2.5" in diameter, compared to 3.75" for the PAR30.

Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
Maurice Turgeon, http://thesemi-retiredelectrician.com

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