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LED Light Interference

I have replaced the fluorescent lights in my shop with 8' LEDs. They are much brighter but when I turn them on the screen on the TV freezes and I lose reception on the radio. Can someone help??

Re: LED Light Interference

I think you need to call an electrician.

Re: LED Light Interference

Soo... I'm not sure I can answer exactly how this works; however, LED lights give off an emanation which, in addition to visible light, also affect the RF portion of the magnetic spectrum. Essentially, the LED lights are interfering with the reception that you would otherwise be receiving from your radio and / TV.

How is the TV receiving it's signals, is it through a 2.4GHz PAN... IE: ATT Uverse, Verizon FIOS, BrightStar, etc? (Do you have a little Cisco box, and you have a cordless connection), or are you getting OTA HD / Over The Air High Definition?

Best thing you can do is move your antennaes external, outside of the house, if you are receiving OTA signals, otherwise... connect your TV directly into the cable box (don't use PAN).

They can also cause interference when they are plugged into the same circuit. Your options here are to make sure that the lights are not on the same breaker as the outlets that your TV/radio are plugged into, or... you can get a line conditioner.

Shoot, I just realized this was 5 months ago. Well... interested to see how this worked out for you?

Re: LED Light Interference

Better LEDs are sheilded as is the requirement in Europe.  US has lower standards to increase profitability.  Choose EMC compliant bulbs from companies like Philips.  

Before you upgrade bulbs try using ferrite clips.  They block interference.  Their easy, clip them to your power cables for both the TV and LEDs.  Moving the lights further away from the tv or plugging into a different circuit can help.  

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