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Leaky porch

Hello Everyone. I went into my "fruit cellar," which is directly under my cement and brick porch, and noticed some water dripping from above. I checked the front porch, which is directly above the fruit cellar, and noticed that the leak in the fruit cellar was directly under the area of the porch that I just washed with the outside hose. This area is where the porch and the house meet.

How do I seal this leak? Do I have to get a masonry expert to do this? Would some kind of caulking or mortar work? (There isn't a noticeable hole or crack. The porch is firm and nothing rocks or is cracked.

Do I need to have work done in the fruit cellar or just the area of the porch that meets the house?

Any help will be appreciated.

Re: Leaky porch

Toody ... it's difficult to tell over the internet what or where the problem is.

If you experience water infiltration from washing down the porch with a garden hose then it's likely you may experience this with when it rains. You might want to have someone come out to trace down where and why water is entering the "fruit cellar". They would be able to provide you what method would be appropriate to correct the issue. Generally caulk is not a permanent repair to leaky masonry.

Re: Leaky porch

Thanks for your response. Who do I get to look at my basement/porch? Do I look under basement repair? Masonry?

Re: Leaky porch

look in the yellow pages under masonry, try to find someone who is knowledgeable in basements. even if they won't trace it they would know someone in your area who is trustworthy and capable

Re: Leaky porch

Thanks -- that's a good start!

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