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Interior doors

I am replacing interior doors and used the old door for a template. When hanging the new door I found one hinge on each door to be in the wrong location. I alo have one door that I am unable to close as it pulls on the top hinge and hits the door stop on the casining. Any ideas?

A. Spruce
Re: Interior doors

Replacing a door slab isn't as easy as it looks for the exact reasons you state. Your issues are most commonly caused by alignment issues, which can be many.

My advice is to start over by double checking your work, and if necessary, fill the screw holes in the door with glue and toothpicks (allow to fully dry ) and reset the hinges.

Things to be aware of:
1 - It is important that the hinge plate be flush with the surface of the door edge.
2 - The edge of the hinge must be parallel to the face of the door.
3 - The hinges must be exactly in the same position as the old door if you want them to line up properly. Since this is nearly impossible, you do the ABSOLUTE best you can, then leave the hinge ever so slightly loose as you hang the door, then snug up the screws once you drop the pin into place.
4 - Take your time, relax, go slow, and be careful as you work. The more aware you are as you do the task at hand, the better the outcome will be. Clamp the old door blank to the new door blank and flush the top edges. This will give you the proper hinge placement for the new blank. Use a square to transfer the old hinge to the new location and use a utility knife to make the lines for pinpoint accuracy.
5 - Measure carefully and transfer any remaining markings, such as hinge backset to the new slab.
6 - Continue with your straight edge and utility knife to cut the perimeter lines to the proper depth equal to the thickness of the hinge plate.
7- Remove the excess material with a good quality, sharp chisel, again, working slow and methodical and remove ONLY as much material as is necessary to get the hinge plate to sit flush with the surface.

Those are the highlights. :cool:

Re: Interior doors


You have shared important precautions to replace the interior door slab. It is very important to replace with full care. Thanks for sharing this important tips in this forum. I like your sharing very much...

Re: Interior doors

if the door is hitting teh door stop and the door wont close, the hinge is mounted on teh jamb too close to teh door stop. back out the screws and re install away from teh stop the same measurement as it hits the door stop

installing new doors on old jambs is tricky, the frame may be out of square from settling or the wall is twisted which makes the door hang out of plumb. teh more problems with teh frame teh longer it will take to hang the door correctly

also, when your doing this type of job never buy a slab with the hinge mostises already in the door, buy a blank so you can match up the hinge location and lockset location perfectly

Re: Interior doors


You can't get a better, clearer "to do list" than the one Spruce is offering you.

Follow, I mean follow, this list and your new doors will operate properly. Guaranteed.

Good luck.

Re: Interior doors

Another cause of pulling on the top pin may be that you cut the mortise to deep. You can shim the hinge out with spacers made from playing cards.

Re: Interior doors

dang jack, the playing card thing is my trick

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