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Interior door is fractured around the kob

Can I repair an interior door if it is fractured around the knob?

The handles on several of my doors were pulled on too hard by my children. More than likely they were hanging from them at one point.. I have seen quite a few videos that show repairs on holes that are on in the middle of the door somewhere. They generally show filling the hole most of the way with foam and then finishing with foam, filling with plaster or bondo (weird), and then finishing with spackle.

Is there any way this is going to work out well near the handle? Will I be able to cut the hole to size again, or will the plaster/foam fix just crumple during cutting or after the knob is reinstalled?

I'm not looking forward to replacing the doors and then cutting an inch off of them to install. For some reason mine seem to be 30x79"

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Re: Interior door is fractured around the kob

it looks like you have a flat masonite door. it would be just simpler to hang a new door. you can get a flat hollow masonite door for about $30 - $40.

Re: Interior door is fractured around the kob

I'd buy some decent doors, staying away from the cheap, hollow core doors.

My children would be helping with the project and paying for the new door.

Re: Interior door is fractured around the kob

New upgraded doors will be nice, but most of the times you want to stay with the same style doors you have around the house. Just get the same door. It comes primed.

Re: Interior door is fractured around the kob
Re: Interior door is fractured around the kob

It sounds like I may go with a quick fix of replacing that door with one of the same kind for now to save on cost. I am still worried about the height of the door though. I imagine I could get one custom made to 79", but that may cost me extra?

I am going to measure that door again when I get home because it doesn't make a whole lot of sense that whoever put them in went with such a cheap option and then custom fit it like that.

I would love to replace all the doors with something studier in the future, but that will take a little planning to afford to do all of them at once.

Thank you for your help and advice. It is much appreciated.

Re: Interior door is fractured around the kob

You'll want to get a replacement door "blank" -- that is, there are no holes bored for the lockset, and no mortises for the hinge. Use the existing door as a template for lockset placement and hinge mortises.

If the replacement door has an internal bottom rail of sufficient height, you can cut off an inch off the bottom. Or have the guy with the orange aprons do it on their panel saw. On the other hand, you might cut off an inch and discover that you've cut off the entire bottom rail and now you have a gaping hole on the bottom edge of the door. To fix that you'll need to cut a board to appropriate thickness and length to glue in there -- and it's not going to be a stock size.

Re: Interior door is fractured around the kob

On cutting door bottoms:

Today's doors usually have a 3/4 inch rail on the bottom, so at best you might cut 1/2 safelt but that's about it. Old doors once gave you over an inch here but apparently wood costs the manufacturers too much these days. And as often as not this will not be wood but MDF as well- more cheapness!

Just cut as needed, then if the bottom rail is intact, jab at it with a screwdriver. If it pokes through you need to reinforce it. Take the part you cut off and with a sharp wide chisel, remove the face material till all you have left is the bottom stile. Use the same tool to remove all of what is left inside the door. Glue the cut-and-cleaned rail back into the bottom. Several cheap spring clamps hold ti together till the glue dries.

To get a perfect fit the first time so long as the old door fit, just lay the old on the new with both on your sawhorses and trace everything from old to new being sure nothing moves while you're doing this. Some old doors will have the top cut so deal with that first if you need to, then proceed with the rest of the procedure.

I'd suggest a properly-used switch or belt as the best tool to prevent further damage from kids swinging on the doors, but that is no longer legal-code compliant so if you choose that effective approach, you're on your own.


Re: Interior door is fractured around the kob

Why not make it stronger by cutting a wood ply into that circle and then just puting it around the area from where there is a fracture.

Re: Interior door is fractured around the kob

It really needs to start fixing the doors with a lasting kind that wont easily be torn down and lastly securing on the knob.

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