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Interior Door Closes on its own

I have a bath room door the always closes on it own what can I do to fix the problem with out taking out the door or haveing a door stop under the door that has to be removed every time? This is a new door that is already cased. I belive the door is out of level but it was installed to match the wall.

Re: Interior Door Closes on its own

Your door is closing on its own because it is not plumb. I saw a quick fix on another home improvement show where they took out one of the hinge pins and hit it with a hammer to make it just a little bit bent (and then reinserted it). That is supposed to make it a litter harder for the door to open and close. I have never tried this myself. The trick would be to bend the hinge pin just the right amount. If you try it let me know how it works.

Re: Interior Door Closes on its own

What Sherry suggested works. Remove a hinge pin lay it flat on something solid like concrete and hit it in the middle whit a hammer. It only takes a slight bend to work.

Re: Interior Door Closes on its own

Thanks everyone for the advice,

I did bend the hinge pin and that seems to work.

As for the other question the door is a new hollow core and does only close when the door is open. The fan or windows do not seem to affect it. I know the door was out of plumb but I need to match the wall for the trim to work.



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