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Hardwood floor on covered/screened porch?

I am making plans for my rear deck that includes building a roof, screened walls, ceiling fan/lights and hardwood floors. This will be my best attempt at creating an outdoor dining room. I would like to have the floors be the same as the indoor kitchen and dining room, lightly stained maple. Is this possible?

I live in St Louis, MO. We have all 4 seasons, everything from cold and snow up to hot and humid summers.

Re: Hardwood floor on covered/screened porch?

regular hardwood flooring, the kind you see inside houses, wouldn't last one year without warping and picking up some kind of water damage. just the difference in temperature will do a number on them. they'll become wet just like grass on a dewy morning and you'll be quite upset that you installed them. if it's a screened in porch without windows or heat, i'd recommend PT wood or composite.

Re: Hardwood floor on covered/screened porch?

I believe older homes used fir and painted the flooring.

I wouldn't put my nose up at a painted floor. They can be very pretty. You can go with a deep brown with a good shine with cream colored bead board...would look fantastic.

Re: Hardwood floor on covered/screened porch?

I used to live in Pennsylvania and built a porch like you are interested in doing. But, for the floor I poured concrete so the weather wouldn't bother it. Save the fancy stuff for when you enclose the porch and the weather can't get to it.

Calcats ;)

Re: Hardwood floor on covered/screened porch?

Is the hardwood flooring being glued - nailed down? Will the flooring be going over concrete? I am a firm believer in always sealing the concrete from any moisture intrusion. A good penetrating concrete sealer will stop moisture. You can still glue over a penetrating sealer like Creto Deep Penetrating Sealer. It can be applied by the homeowner.

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