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Hanging a Door, Hinge problems

I hung an interior door and the top hinge pulls slightly when closing. This is causing resistance when closing. How do I trouble shoot this problem?

A. Spruce
Re: Hanging a Door, Hinge problems

Can you define "pulls slightly" a little more clearly? Is the top hinge closing completely before the door is shut? Is there resistance within the hinge? Was this a pre-hung door that you just installed or was it just replacing the slab within an existing opening?

Lot's of questions, I know, but they will help us determine the cause of your problem. :cool:

Re: Hanging a Door, Hinge problems

This is a new door blank that I am replacing into an existing opening. I measured and cut out for the hinges to match the hinge placements on the existing opening.The door closes freely until it gets about 1" from closing. At this point the top hinge pulls slightly towards the door. It does close but not freely. I have hung doors before but am far from an expert at it. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

A. Spruce
Re: Hanging a Door, Hinge problems

Possible causes:

  1. Hinge screws not in straight or fully seated and are "bottoming out" on the opposite side of the hinge when it closes.
  2. The mortise on the door is not cut properly - i.e. it's beveled instead of being parallel to the edge of the door (deeper on one side than the other). The hinge plate should be flush with the edge of the door, any deeper and the door will bind on the jamb, any less and the strike side of the door will likely bind on the jamb.

Possible remedies:

  1. Reset screws so that they are straight and fully seated into hinge plate. If you used new screws, it's possible that the heads are too large to seat properly, replace screws with those of the proper size.
  2. [*]Uneven mortise, loosen screws slightly that are closest to the hinge pin, then insert a thin shim (cereal box works great), retighten screws. Repeat until door closes without resistance. If the mortise is not too deep already, you can clean up the depth and angle - just make sure you're using a sharp chisel.

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