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Fluorescent lights turning on by themselves

A few times over the past month (or few months?) the fluorescent lights are on when I swear I've turned them off. When I returned home from work today, they were on. I definitely turned them off. Left for an hour or so, returned and they were on again. So now I know for certain that they are turning on by themselves.

They are fluorescent lights built into the ceiling that are connected to two different light switches. House was built in the late 1950s. Not sure how old the fixtures are. I've been here 4 years. It's possible this has been happening for longer than a month or two, but I didn't notice because I would have just assumed the other people living here left the light on. (It's now just me here.)

I have no idea what it could possibly be. Any ideas? Do I need a pro to investigate?

Re: Fluorescent lights turning on by themselves

Most likely you have a 3-way switch that has gone bad. Replace both switches. I cannot answer that question, I have no idea what your skill level is.


Handy Andy in Mt Airy NC

Re: Fluorescent lights turning on by themselves

The question is, did you turn them off or did they turn off due to a thermal switch in the light? Are they standard switches or smart switches?


Re: Fluorescent lights turning on by themselves

Time to call a priest!

Re: Fluorescent lights turning on by themselves

I have round ceiling fluorescent lights that come on while i’m laying in bed without anybody touching the switch and i’m Confident that they were switched off prior. I have watched happen on multiple occasions. My house is less than 15 years old. The switch is a button rather than a switch, and I’m thinking that this may have something to do with it. All four of the lights come on at the same time. Can anyone help?

Re: Fluorescent lights turning on by themselves


I would start by changing the switch. The age of the house really does not have much to do with it. It is the quality of the components. I still have push button switches in my house that are over 100 years old. They were installed right after electricity was invented. My house is now 127 years old. I noticed that the switch is dirty, that has a lot to do with the life span of components through out the house, not only electrical switches. Electrical and especially electronic components do not like dust. Dust can actually short across components and cause issues.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

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