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enclosing under a porch

We just built a farmhouse type home with wrap around porch. The porch is still open underneath and we're trying to think of ideas to keep critters going under and keep weeds from growing. The porch height varies a bit between 3' - 4', so there would be a lot showing. The porch deck is made of Correct Deck boards. I don't care for the lattice look, so we're looking for other ideas. We were thinking of putting up OSB or plywood up and attaching stone veneer, but that is $$$$. Looking for anybody with ideas or websites of ideas.


Re: enclosing under a porch

If you build a framework with PT lumber and use exterior grade plywood you could use the stone veneer or you could use brick veneer. Either way it should look alright. You might want to consider putting an access door in where it will be least noticeable.

Calcats ;)

Re: enclosing under a porch

A few years ago we added onto our house - so we ended up re-siding the entire structure. Since we wanted the house to look somewhat original - we decided to go with cedar shingles again. The 'siding' came on 3X4 ft sections of shingles already on a piece of plywood backing. Apparently teh contractor order WAAAAY too much - and we had extra that we decided to use to enclose our 3-sided wrap porch. It takes the look of the house and moves it all the way to th ground.

I don't know how economical this might be for you - but it gives you an alternative to latice.

Re: enclosing under a porch

I live in an older neighborhood where all of the houses have front porches; most have lattice. Some have used a dark color for the lattice. The result is that the features of the porch are emphasized and the lattice 'disappears', especially with any landscaping in front.

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