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Door sweep for my old door

I have an original 100 year old exterior door that was recently restored. It is beautiful and I'm trying to avoid drilling or screwing things into it as much as possible. Unfortunately, there is a little over an 1 inch gap between the door bottom and the threshold (Threshold is made out of concrete) and it has become a problem during the winter with the cold air blowing in.

I went to Home Depot to find a door sweep, but all of them are too short for my door that is 37.5 inchs in width. Also, I can't find a product that allows you to screw the door sweep in once and replace the rubber sweep part when it wears out. Home Depot sold a U shaped door sweep where you can replace the rubber part, but you'll need to unscrew everything, and over time, the screw holes will wear out.

Do you know of a product that I'm looking for?

Thank you!

Re: Door sweep for my old door

Search on line for what you need, where you can find more selections than Home Depot.

Hissing Cobra
Re: Door sweep for my old door

If it were my door, I would take it off the hinges and lay it on saw horses. I would then mill a board that is 3/4" high and is the same length and width as the door, and screw it to the bottom of it so that it closes that 1" gap considerably. You may then be able to tack or glue a piece of felt to the bottom of it or come up with some other idea. Good luck!

Re: Door sweep for my old door

Zero has a large selection of door weatherstripping.

Re: Door sweep for my old door

Is it possible to add a threshold with weather striping?


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