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Cutting door in brick wall

I want to replace a window in a 3 course brick wall with a door. Any suggestions for how to proceed and if it is necessary to use a header or otherwise support the wall? Thanks.

Re: Cutting door in brick wall

If all you are doing is lowering the bottom of the window opening to the floor line, you don't need to add a lintel; the support that was put in for the window should be adequate for the door opening. BUT: sometimes the window jambs were actually structural. I've worked on old houses where there's a wood exterior lintel, and the window bucks themselves carried an inner course of brick. There should be either an existing lintel or an arch on both the inside and the outside. Sometimes one of each, or two kinds of arch: a flat arch on the outside, and a curved one within, etc..

Re: Cutting door in brick wall

You have plans in mind for extending your header, right? You will have to build a false wall in the house to hold it up while you install a beefier header, then let the house down on it. Otherwise you will break the mortar joints in the brick surrounding the door opening. Cutting the brick can be done with a masonry blade in a grinder, with safety glasses. You will need to make very careful measurements to ensure you are cutting the brick at the proper place. Take into consideration the width of brick mold and cut the brick to that width.

Re: Cutting door in brick wall

You are not going to get through a three course brick wall with a blade on a grinder. This is an area that you need to hire a professional. He will bring in equipment that you can afford to buy or rent and cut a perfectly straight line in about two hours. There will be a professional somewhere in your area. Call him get the job done right.

Re: Cutting door in brick wall

Slightly larger than a grinder

Re: Cutting door in brick wall

My only suggestion for you is to get a contractor to do the job, if anything goes wrong you'll know who to blame.

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