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convert a can/recessed light to a ceiling fan


This is my first time in the discussion boards.  How do I convert a pre-exisiting can/recessed light to a ceiling fan?  The kitchen has all recessed lights.  I would like to remove on of them over the kitchen sink and replace it with a small lighted ceiling fan.  There are 5 cans in the kitchen right now, with a switch in 2 different locations (on different walls).  How would I go about strengthening the ceiling, if I am not next to a joist.  How about using the existing electrical?  Do I need a seperate line for the fan and the cans?  How about a seperate switch for just the fan?  Can I just use the same lines & switches to turn the power on to the fan/light, then I could just use the chains when needed.  Although, this kind of defeats the purpose of putting the lighted fan in the kitchen.  And anything else that I may have missed.


Damon from Central Texas

Re: convert a can/recessed light to a ceiling fan

You must fasten an electrical box to structure. If you have a can light, it is secured between joists, not to one close. Depending on the fixture, and the instructions will tell the weight of the fixture. You will need to use a metal box, and secure it tight to a couple joists. Build the structure so that you can mount a metal box to structure. I cannot give you an exact set of steps to follow. I have no idea what is in your ceiling, or how your structure is layed out.

As far as the electrical, it depends on how you want to be able to control the device. Do you want to have the fan on when the lights are off? Both on using only a single switch? A picture of the beauty ring and a light bulb is no help to anyone. It is what is behind the sheetrock is the important part.

Once you remove the current fixture, and cut out the sheetrock, then post some pictures and we will be able to help you from there.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

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