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ceiling fan/light replacement

sorry if this info has posted before, but i didn't see it anywhere...
first time installing a ceiling fan, which i am using to replace the current light-only fixture (1 switch). your how-to article was very well done--but i still have a couple questions.
1- there was a plate that looks similar to your 'pancake plate' under the old light. could it be fine to use for the fan, or it just looks similar and still needs to be replaced?
2- i was successful in connecting the color-coded wires to each other, (tho the house had a red instead of the blue from the fan, but i did connect those) but the fan worked and the bulb barely lit up. a friend suggested current wiring may not be able to support 2 functions. is it possible to work around that, or is this a professional job (in which case I am sticking with the old light!).

Re: ceiling fan/light replacement


#1 - typically if you are installing a fan where a light fixture was then usually the "box" where the wiring is housed and the light fixture was mounted to is not strong enough for the ceiling fan. You will likely need to install one of different options for the support needed.

#2 - what color wires were orginally attached to the light fixture ?

Here's a link for installing a ceiling fan that has useful information :

Re: ceiling fan/light replacement

thanks for your prompt reply!

i did follow that link. the diagram was very helpful. the wires were black/white. can all light fixtures be turned into ceiling fan fixtures, or they have to be initially wired that way? i think i may end up calling a handyman (my back is killing!), but i'm still not sure if it's worth it.

thanks for your help!

Re: ceiling fan/light replacement

do yourself a favor call a electrical contractor. Or post for a electrician on craigslist. get it done right!!!

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