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Basement floor joists & recessed lighting clearance.

I believe I have found the ideal products I need for my basement ceiling "finishing".

First is this product: http://www.ceilinglink.com/install.htm

The second is this product: https://www.empirewest.com/store/series.cfm/SeriesID:14/CategoryID:2#194-1392

The two combined will give me the lowest-profile suspended ceiling I think I can get.

My questions are:

-I want to mount lights within the spaces between the floor joists; what type should I use in concert with the translucent tiles?
-How do I mount said lights (ie. mount to joist, mount to box attached to joist, etc)?
-Is the above going to be safe to do (regardless of local codes)?

See pic.

Thanks for any input, and if I was unclear or you need any further info, just ask!

Re: Basement floor joists & recessed lighting clearance.

What type of recessed fixtures do you want to use?

Re: Basement floor joists & recessed lighting clearance.

I am not sure, but a fixture that, combined with this product, would give this effect (i.e. completely unseen):

Edit: translucent ceiling panel.>
I believe they might be called a troffer?

Re: Basement floor joists & recessed lighting clearance.

Ah, I would probably mount 4' 2-lamp flourescents above them.

Got a question though:

How do you plan on getting the tile in a grid system that is that tight?

Re: Basement floor joists & recessed lighting clearance.

So, the answer is they (2-lamp flourescents) can install in that space between the joists, and can be recessed enough from the panels so as to NOT cause a heat or fire issue?

http://www.ceilinglink.com/install.htm =

"Is CeilingLink™ a suspended ceiling system?
No, CeilingLink is a direct-mount ceiling grid system; it is NOT a suspended system hung by wires. The total thickness of a CeilingLink installation including the ceiling panels is 1-inch."

Re: Basement floor joists & recessed lighting clearance.

As far as mounting the fixtures I would probably do something like putting braces between the joists to drop the fixtures closer to the panels for better light distribution and also to keep an air circulation space around them.

I’m not familiar with how the grid system and panels go together. My biggest question would be how much access you have above the grid after the system is put together because you will need to service the fixtures from time to time and are also required to have access to all of the junction boxes.

There are some really shallow troffer fixtures available now.


Re: Basement floor joists & recessed lighting clearance.

Thanks for the replies.
Wow, that is a super low-profile solution.
I guess you have answered my question(s), then; braces between joists to support troffer, done.

From what I have read on their site, the grid system does retain the ability to remove panels to access wires, pipes, etc, though it appears to be a little more involved to gain access than your standard drop ceiling...or at least a little different. See the FAQ.http://www.ceilinglink.com/tech.htm

However for me, and several others who want a finished ceiling look, BUT want to retain access AND who dont have any height to loose, this product (and one other I have found) seems to be the silver bullet I am looking for.

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